Public sex by itself feels risky. Anal sex feels really taboo with a sweet, caring boyfriend who makes love more than fucks me like a slut. Combine the risk of public sex with a Vegas hotel balcony thirty stories up and the naughty factor increases by 100. Some of the best sex I ever had was sneaky balcony anal sex. I couldn’t help but beg for more!

Dungeons & Dragons Convention

Andy and I went to a D&D convention on the Vegas strip. (This was altogether different from my latex sex dungeon experience!) He couldn’t keep his hands off of me! It never helps when I cosplay as a sexy elf. I love to wear the sexiest leather outfits and show off my curves and cleavage. Of course, I’m a nerd, but I love dressing up as a hot as fuck nerd! Every time Andy squeezed my ass or ran a hand over my tits, I found something clever to say to keep in character. I also wanted him to keep going so I’d push him further each time!

When we were glancing over memorabilia, he smacked my ass. I whispered to him, “Hey, Dungeon Master. If you’re going to spank me in public, I hope you’re prepared to master my dungeon in our hotel room.” He didn’t know I wanted sneaky balcony anal sex.

The color drained from his face and immediately he gripped my hand, tugging me to the elevator. We kissed so hungrily, neither of us noticed The Cannibal get into the elevator with us. Cannibal grunted his approval and I went silent, pulling back into the elevator wall. (Some costumes, no matter how well put together, still feel like such an affront to your sensibilities. His costume did just that for me, so we stood in silence until he got off on floor 24.)

Andy kissed me softly when we were alone again. It put me right back in the mood again when he slipped his hand under my leather skirt and felt my pussy for that familiar slick heat. Then I asked for the impossible: “I want sneaky balcony anal sex.”

Sneaky Balcony Anal Sex

We practically ran back to our room. I challenged the Dungeon Master while he was messing with the keycard. “I want you to plow me like the glaciers scraping across Minnesota a couple thousand… er… million… years ago.” I stumbled with my math, but he understood what I meant. The card swiped and he jerked me inside, tearing at my clothes and tugging at his own belt as we back up to the balcony. It overlooked the hotel pool where dozens of people could have looked up any minute and seen our sneaky balcony anal sex. I didn’t care though, nor did he.

Jerking on his cock, he rubbed it up and down my soaked pussy and forced a slutty moan from my mouth. “Fuck me!” I begged, pawing for him behind me. He gripped my wrist and shoved himself in so deep and hard I cried out. It made me cry out when he pulled out and pounded my ass so hard. People in the pool started to look up. The flash of heat felt intense as I backed my ass up on his cock, moaning like a slut in heat.

I loved every second of it, though. And wouldn’t have changed a thing. Except I wanted even more people to see our sneaky balcony anal sex!

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