Random hook-ups have their place and everything, but my slutty girlfriends and I need more. We have recently taken our playtime to a whole other level and created our very own latex sex dungeon! After many discussions and visits to several fetish websites and Reddit threads, we made a plan. Three things were necessary for our next adventure. First, we needed catsuits. Second, we needed to pool our toys and training implements. Third, we had to find the perfect location to invite willing participants.

Catsuits: not just for cats. (In fact, not at ALL for cats. Please don’t do that.)

We, three girls, visited a kinky boutique for outfits to wear in our latex sex dungeon. We tried on a couple of sexy outfits in front of each other. At first, we went in thinking we’d try on some bras and pretty, lacy panty sets. Guys usually seem to appreciate the matching lingerie sets, but they never last long enough on any of us! I know for a fact that my panties get torn so frequently. I might as well tell a guy at the beginning of any hookup that he’s buying me new lingerie even before my jeans are unbuttoned.

Instead, we took turns rubbing slippery silicone lube all over each other’s naked bodies to get into our new latex catsuits. Three women stalking out of the place in 6″ heels, wearing nothing but black, red, and white latex had the man at the register inviting himself over to our latex sex dungeon!

Next stop: Pegging Station at the Latex Sex Dungeon

Girls dominate men so differently. I genuinely enjoy a sexy domme pulling apart a willing submissive’s ass. Strong women barking instructions feel incredibly erotic even when directed at someone else. I never shy away when one of my more dominant friends asks to assist in a spanking or use nails on a sub while he’s pegged. A latex sex dungeon becomes a team effort when all three women work over one man and milk his cum from his tight balls.

Sometimes I take the lead and have the pup squirming on my massive strapon. If he begs nicely, I allow his request and have one of my latex sex dungeon girlfriends sit on his face. Although I refrain from barking commands aggressively, I make my desires known to a sub. I tell him sweetly, “Work yourself back on me like a stripper on a pole, pup. Oh, that’s very good. Look at that slutty hole opening up for me, girls!”

Our phones started blowing up when word got around that we had a tag-team latex sex dungeon on campus. It became like a gangbang sex video (except in reverse). Random guys from study groups called asking, “Please, Mistress, may I visit you and your friends tonight?”

Pegging Station is now accepting requests

One guy who I assumed was 100% a dude-bro even approached me in the gym. He said, “I heard you have a couple of friends that fuck guys up in your latex sex dungeon. If I come over later, could I have one of you torture my balls and edge my tied-up cock while I get pegged over a barrel?”

I have absolutely no idea how he knew. Or where he came up with the idea that a sweet little freshman like me could ever do such a thing. But it was incredibly hot that he asked. So I answered, tugging on his shirt, so he’d come down to eye level.

“Take off your pants at the door, big boy. We’ll see you at midnight.”

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