Summer wedding season is in full swing. And my dirty mind runs through naughty little scenarios while I sit through event after event. I’m especially interested, and in fact turned on, by some filthy cousin incest fantasies of my own!

I can’t help myself

My cousins from down south look like an altogether different breed of cat. They don’t possess the Scandinavian “look” like a lot of my family does up north. (We mostly have blonde hair and blue or green eyes in Minnesota and Wisconsin.) No, the deep south relatives have darker hair and eyes. And every time I look at my older relatives, I can’t help myself. I need some filthy cousin incest.

Filthy cousin incest – on the dance floor?

When we three cousins dance together at the reception, they sandwich me between the two of them. Still, in their button-down shirts and dress pants, they grind their throbbing bulges into my ass and pussy. I feel amazing, clearly wanted by two hot guys. They focus their attention entirely on my body, squeezing my hips, grazing my tits with their hard chests. We all pant like feral animals, desperate for some filthy cousin incest.

I really turn up the heat when a particularly sexy song comes on. I’m able to drop down onto the floor where I have better access to their dicks. From there, I can tease the fronts of their pants with my hot breath and nails scratching along the outline of those filthy cousin incest cocks. Everyone hears them groan and look down at me lustfully, lifting up my hair in their hands. They encourage me to suck them both off right there on the dance floor. With a seductive smile, I arch a brow and palm both of them. I know exactly what they want but I’m unwilling to give it to them – yet. Teasing like this gives me a naughty idea. I should show them my latex sex dungeon sometime.

Cake fixes everything, right?

They give up hope about some filthy cousin incest when I don’t put out on the dance floor. The two brothers sulk into their wedding cake slices. After I see them relaxed, I climb under the table.  Then I carefully unzip their pants and fist both of their cocks at the same time.

Finally, I wrap my tongue around the younger brother’s dick while I bend over and lift up my skirt. My oldest cousin peeks under the table and finds I’m offering up my pussy to him for some filthy cousin incest. The hottest sex ever happens in public when you have to be quiet. He shoves his dick in hard and fucks me sloppy, jerking me back onto himself.

Maybe his younger brother lifts me up onto the table when he’s done using my pussy. I love when men dive under my dress and eat me out after their friend, or in this case, brother, have just cum inside me.

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