Don’t Worry, Your Smoking Hot Mommy is Here

Hi there baby, I know you’ve missed your smoking hot mommy terribly. I know you can’t stand to be away from me. Sorry for leaving you, baby. I’m here now and believe me, I’m going to make it up to you. Because you deserve to have all your needs fulfilled. If you’re hungry, I’ll breastfeed you. And if you need to be cuddled, I’ll be sure to straddle you real tight. If you’ve been naughty, I’ll be sure to give you a good spanking, of course. And if you’re feeling especially kinky, I’ll be sure to give you a prostate milking exam. Because, whatever baby wants, baby gets. 

Now come over and give your smoking hot mommy a kiss hello. Yes, on the lips is ok, baby. Of course, I’ve missed you just as much as you missed me! Let’s cuddle on the couch. You can lay in my arms and I can baby talk you and caress your hair. Now, I know you get so hungry when you’re right next to mommy’s tits. Your mouth is practically watering. I’m going to pull down my blouse and let you suckle on mommy’s tits all you want. Yes, baby that’s it. Suck hard on mommy’s nipples. You get mommy’s clit tingling, baby! Yes, I see your huge cock rising from beneath your pants. 

Wanna Fuck Your Smoking Hot Mommy?

Of course, I know what baby wants. You want to fuck your smoking hot mommy, don’t you? You’re such a naughty boy! First, I’m going to bend you over my knee and spank you for thinking such a dirty thing. But, seeing your red welted ass makes me want to make it up to you. You sit on the couch and I’ll straddle you so we can cuddle real close. 

We can kiss and I can tell you what a good boy you are. Yes, I definitely feel your stiff cock pushing against my twat. I know you want to fuck your smoking hot mommy so fucking bad! Well, guess what, baby? I think I want it too. I’m going to stand up and get naked for you baby. Because you deserve to see mommy’s perfect petite body. I’ll even twirl around so you can get a good look. Now, I’ll pull down your shorts and suck on your stiff cock. Of course mommy loves the way you taste! I’m going to get you all lubed up because you’re about to be inside your mommy’s tight little twat. Yeah, I know you like that!

Ok, now I can’t wait anymore baby. I’m going to straddle you and slowly lower my tiny twat on your raging hard-on. Oh, yes, you feel so good, baby! Give it to mommy just like that! Thrust hard inside me, baby. Because I want all that cum deep inside me. Cum inside your smoking hot mommy! Yes, yes! 

Wow, you’re such a good boy. I think we can do this every night before I tuck you in bed. 

In the mood for mommy phone sex? You’ve come to the right MILF, call me!