Nurse Ramona is Ready to Perform Your Annual Prostate Milking Exam

I know the doctor usually performs this procedure but I’ve been recently certified to perform your prostate milking exam. Don’t be nervous, I’ve had plenty of training both professionally and… in the bedroom, to be honest. Believe me, I’ve never failed to milk a prostate. Yours will be no different. 

So, go ahead and drop those trousers, there’s no need to put on a gown. Show me that white ass and bend over on the exam table. That’s right, just like a submissive sex slave would. Why don’t you open up those ass cheeks for me baby, make this prostate milking exam a little easier on me? 

Now I’m going to put on my gloves and put a huge dollop of lube on there to take it easy on your little brown hole. You’ll feel the cold lube hit your asshole and you’ll want to clench up on me. But that’s not what you want to do. I need you to relax, close your eyes and just take it, baby. 

Entering You

Ok, now I’m going to ease my two fingers inside you very slowly. See, a prostate milking exam isn’t all that bad. Then, to get your ass nice and ready, I’m going to pull my fingers back out and re-enter you again and again. Yes, I’m finger-fucking your ass just a little bit, just with the tips of my fingers. Trust me, it’s for your own good.

I see that your cock has fully stiffened, don’t worry that’s completely normal. I’ll take care of that for you before you leave the office. Now that you’ve gotten used to me breaking your barrier, I’m going to press in deeper… and deeper. 

That’s ok, baby, go ahead and moan if you want to. I know it feels good. I get into it too, my pussy can’t help but water when my fingers are in a man’s ass. Now I’m going to finger your ass with the full length of my fingers to get a little gape going. That’s right, baby, let your ass open up for me. Wow, you’re handling your first prostate milking exam very well. And if you don’t mind me saying… you’ve got a nice thick cock. 

I’m SO Unprofessional! 

I know this is so unprofessional of me but do you mind if I suck your cock while I perform the prostate milking exam? I can absolutely do both at the same time. Oh, good! I’m glad you don’t mind. I’m going to get on my knees in front of you. Oh wow, you’ve got a perfect cock.

Can we take a break from your prostate milking exam so I can just enjoy your cock for a minute? Mmm, and you taste so good! You’re already oozing pre-cum. I won’t even need to clean up after this exam because all that cock milk is going to go down my throat. 

Ok, I’m going to start massaging that prostate now. I hope you can understand me with your cock in my mouth. Mmm, mhmm, yeah, baby, give me all your milk. Oh, yes! Oh, yes!

Thank you for being such a good patient. I hope to see you again soon. 


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