Will You Be My Submissive Sex Slave?

You always say you’d do anything to be inside me. Well, here is your chance to prove it. I want you to be my submissive sex slave. I want to use and abuse your body in any way I please. You’ll follow all of my orders to the very last detail without question, without hesitation. But, I must warn you, I’m a depraved whore with an unquenchable sexual appetite. If this sounds appealing to you, then you’ve come to the right girl. You’ll make the best submissive sex slave any MILF could ever hope for. 

Put a Lock on That Cock

For your first test, I’ll lock up your cock in a tight little cock cage. The worst part will be waking up with stiff morning wood. But don’t worry, I’ll let you out once you prove to be a good submissive. But, first I’ll torture you with my pussy in your face. You’ll have to eat me out while trying to keep your cock from getting stiff. It will be impossible, of course, and you beg me to let it loose. I’ll remind you that you’re my submissive sex slave and I make the rules. Your cock will be painfully bursting against the metal as I grind my juicy twat on your face until I cum. I’m going to get such a thrill out of making you squirm! 

Naughty Surprises

I’m going to love surprising you with naughty ideas. If I want to tie you up and whip you, that’s up to me. You have no say. Once you agree to be my submissive sex slave, I own you. I’ll blindfold you so you don’t know what’s coming. Then whip you until you’re covered in red welts. Maybe I’ll even use my stiletto heels to step on your balls. You won’t know it’s coming until you feel the heat of the pain. But, you’ll learn to enjoy all my surprises, trust me. 

One of my favorite things to surprise a submissive sex slave with is a sissy boy makeover. First, I’ll shave your entire body from head to toe. Then I’ll put make-up on you, a cute little dress, nylons, and heels and take you out to the club. I’ll set you up with some of my big black bulls to take your anal cherry in the men’s room. And as a train is being run on you,  I’ll be there watching and rubbing my clit to the sight of it. 

MILF’s Need Cock

After every night, as long as you have done everything I asked for, I will reward you with my pussy wrapped around your cock. MILF’s need cock every day and being my submissive sex slave isn’t just about what I can do to you. It’s also about what your cock can do to me. I expect to ride your cock each night until it is completely drained. I want every last drop of your cum inside me. Like I said, I’m going to use and abuse you and wear you out. Are you ready?

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