I Love Sucking on Stiff Morning Wood! 

I often have one-night stands and being the little slut I am, I have no problem fucking a guy then immediately kicking him out. After all, I got what I wanted. Why would I also want to sleep next to him, I’m done with him at that point. But, there are exceptions. Sometimes the fucking is so wild and good, his cock so big and thick, that I pass out right after. And the perks of waking up next to a stallion like that is that I get to suck on stiff morning wood. It’s my favorite kind of breakfast in bed! 

Since I’m an early riser, I’m usually up before my sex partner. I always take a peek under the sheets to enjoy the sight of their naked body while they are still fast asleep. It’s always such a turn-on to spy on them without them knowing. My favorite though is when a stiff morning wood is poking up from the sheets just begging to be sucked on. 

There is definitely a difference between a normal hard-on in the morning and stiff morning wood. The normal hard-on is just a regular bodily function. A stiff morning wood is a cock that is ready to fuck or be fucked… or sucked. I’m always up for all three the morning after, but I usually start with my lips wrapped around his cock. If he’s a true stallion, he’ll cum in my mouth first then fuck me. 

Tease Before I Please

Seeing that stiff morning wood pitching a tent gets me so fucking horny! But, I like to tease before I please. So, I play a little game to see how long I can lick and suck before he wakes up. I gently remove the sheet off of his body to reveal his stiff morning wood in all its glory. Then, I slowly, lightly start licking and teasing his fat mushroom head. I gently kiss his tip and lightly run my tongue over his cockhole. He usually starts to squirm a bit. His body feels the pleasure but he’s still lost in a dream. So, that’s when I back away and let him settle back into a deep sleep. 

Then, I start again, this time licking slowly up the entire shaft and ending with a gentle suck on the tip. I back away again once he starts to stir and repeat my naughty game. At this point, I always just want to get on him and ride, but I enjoy edging myself too. I can’t help but play with my wet little pussy as I tease him. I love having my way with a guy’s stiff morning wood while he’s asleep!  

It’s Not a Dream

Then, I get so into it I start to take him deep down my throat. Some guys wake up at this point but some just start moaning. I’m sure they think they are just having a very realistic sex dream. Soon enough, because I can’t wait anymore, I’m stroking his shaft and giving him a wet and sloppy blow job. Watching my guy wake up and realize that the pleasure he is feeling isn’t a dream but his cock down my throat is so hot. His stiff morning wood turns into a raging, pulsating rod and he’s thrusting further down my throat. Before I know it he’s cumming down my throat and ready to pound my pussy. Mmm, I love stiff morning wood!

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