My High Sex Drive

Ever since my first sexual experience, I’ve had an extremely high sex drive. It’s a blessing and a curse, really. Don’t get me wrong, I love being horny all the time and fucking tons of hot men and women. But, sometimes it’s a little inconvenient since I need pussy pleasure all the time. That’s why I love doing phone sex, I just need a sexual outlet all the time. And talking dirty with you and cumming with you helps to keep my high sex drive satisfied. But, I have to admit, even the “bad” aspects are pretty fun…

A Curse

Like I said, sometimes my high sex drive is inconvenient and gets in the way of living my everyday life. I actually keep a dildo vibrator in my purse for those extra horny occasions. I may be in the middle of shopping for clothes or in a market and I’ll just have the urge to cum. It’s no surprise since my dirty mind is always thinking about sex. If I see a hottie in the store, I’ll fantasize about what they look like naked and imagine fucking them. Then, before I know it, my clit will be throbbing. My pussy will start watering and I’ll just need to stop what I’m doing and go to the bathroom. 

My high sex drive is the reason I usually wear a skirt with no panties. Easy pussy access. I’ll go into a stall and get out my vibrator. I’ll lube it up in my mouth first then prop up my leg, turn it on and fuck my pussy until I’m cumming loudly in the stall. I don’t even care if anyone overhears me. 

That will usually hold me over until I get home but sometimes it’s not enough. Sometimes that orgasm just makes me horny for more. So, on the way home, I’ll fuck myself once again while I drive home. Then I’ll think about what fuck buddy I’m going to invite over that night. So, it can be a little bit of a curse but it’s definitely a lot of fun too.  

A Blessing

There are so many fun aspects to having an extremely high sex drive. I’m always open to fucking many men and women and I have no slut-shame. I don’t believe in denying myself any sexual pleasure. And I’m open to all sorts of kinks, taboos, and fantasies. No kink-shaming here! That just means I’m going to be able to completely let loose and have lots of fun with my sexual partner (or partners).

Of course, as a MILF with a high sex drive, I have my sexual preferences. I’m a self-professed size queen but if you’re not up to size, we can still have a lot of fun. Especially if you’re willing to get fucked by my strap-on or be my clean-up boy. I also love fucking younger men and being their smoking hot mommy for the night. But, if you’re a hot older man, I don’t mind you being my daddy either. I’m into incest both in fantasy and reality. Like I said, I don’t deny myself pleasure and I don’t limit myself on who I fuck. My high sex drive is at the center of my life and it sure brings a lot of adventure! 


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