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The problem was, he was my daughter’s, not mine. Like mother, like daughter, I guess. I’m not surprised that she has a BBC fuck buddy. I’ve been bringing home so many black stallions over the years it’s no wonder she has a BBC fetish. I know she can hear the difference when I’m being fucked by a black cock versus a white cock. You just can’t compare and my screams are proof of that! 

But when she started bringing home delicious black cock, I was a little jealous. Of course, these guys would look my sexy body up and down when they came over. I was tempted to make a move on some of them but I didn’t think my daughter would want to share. I don’t blame her, really. But everything changed when she brought over her newest BBC fuck buddy.

I Had to Have Him

It’s like I couldn’t control myself, I blame my extremely high sex drive! The other black guys she brought over were hot, of course. But this new BBC fuck buddy was gorgeous, tall, and rippling with muscles. My pussy literally watered when I laid eyes on him. He actually bit his lip when his eyes ran up and down my body. The skin-tight leggings I was wearing were very revealing and I noticed his eyes lingered on my pussy lips. My eyes also lingered on his big bulge beneath his jeans. I just had to have him!

So, when my daughter took his hand and led him into her room, I felt a little envy. I really wanted to feel his big black cock inside my white little pussy! I couldn’t let her have this BBC fuck buddy all to herself. So, I listened outside her room and I could hear her sucking his cock. I rubbed my clit over my leggings as I heard his moaning. Then I heard her gagging and gasping for air, I could just imagine him pushing her head onto his cock. I looked down and my leggings were totally soaked in pussy juice. So, I took off all my clothes right there in the hall. 

Sharing Her BBC Fuck Buddy

I opened the door quietly to my daughter’s room. His back and firm buttcheeks faced me and my daughter was so busy deepthroating that she didn’t notice me. I came up behind him and rubbed his muscular shoulders. He didn’t seem surprised to see me. He turned his head to me and we kissed hungrily. Then his big hands were squeezing my perky tits. Suddenly, my daughter noticed. 

“Mom, what are you doing!?!” she shouted. But her BBC fuck buddy and I just ignored her and now his fingers were in my tight twat. She just kneeled there for a minute, in shock. Then he grabbed her head and pushed her mouth back on his cock. Then I got on my knees and my daughter and I shared his cock. Well, we fought over it a little bit. Honestly, I was greedy and kept trying to keep his big black cock in my mouth so she could have it less. I knew she’d get over it once she realized how hot this was. 

Then our new BBC fuck buddy was ready to fuck. We both took turns taking his big black cock in our tight little holes. We both screamed with pleasure as he stretched us out. Of course, my pussy was greedy with his cock too. He loved us fighting over him. In the end, we kneeled in front of him and he sprayed both our faces with his hot creamy cum. Yum!  


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