My guy’s got a smoking fetish…and a couple of others, too.

Dear Pervs: I have this friend, we’ll call him William. A sweet, flirty guy who just happens to have a kinky side. What is it, you ask? Well, William’s got a couple fetishes, all of which I enjoy. One is a smoking fetish.


First and foremost, nothing is sexier to William than a woman smoking a long, white cigarette.


You see, William’s got a smoking fetish. Watching a woman smoke, making him take a couple puffs, blowing smoke…all of that is a great turn on. But Will likes it when I smoke while I watch/direct. You see, he doesn’t just have a smoking fetish…


William has another tasty fetish.


He loves it when I make him get on his knees and invite a hot stud friend over with something we can both enjoy. Do you know what that is?


You guessed it! A nice, big, juicy cock. I love to describe it in detail. Ever vein, curve, and contour. Right in front of his face, semi-hard…we’ll have to do something about that, won’t we? He puts both hands around it and strokes it while I watch him and tell him exactly what to do while smoking my cigarettes. I love watching him get that cock nice and hard for me. Then I make him stroke it while he sucks on those big, heavy balls. Looks yummy…


While he’s stroking and sucking for me, I’m satisfying his smoking fetish.


Taking long drags off my cigarette, pulling his head off of that big cock so I can blow smoke on it. I make William take a drag of my cigarette and blow the smoke on that big cock before putting it back in his mouth. Guiding him in and out, telling him exactly how I want him to suck that big cock for me. He can hear the sizzle of the tobacco as I take a drag, blow the smoke out and tell him to choke on that big fucking cock. Suck the cum out of that cock just like I’m sucking the smoke out of this cigarette. He loves it!


I know this isn’t the only kind of smoking fetish there is. But I’d love to explore them all – so if you have a smoking fetish, I think you know what phone sex slut to call. Your favorite mistress, me! Who else?


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