Oral Sex… Who wouldn’t love a little in the morning?

Dear Perverts, you know…I don’t write much about oral sex and I don’t know why – it’s one of my favorite things in the entire universe! You know I adore sucking cock. I’ll do it anytime, anywhere! Let me prove it to you.

Last night, 11 pm:


I had completely forgotten about Erik until I saw him at the bar last night. No flowery poetry necessary – he’s big, strong, clever and hot as fuck. I always forget how badly I wanted to fuck him when we used to bartend together. He’s not working, just hanging out, and I catch his eye across the bar and shoot him a “look of love”, meaning…I was very, very happy to see him. Maybe tonight I can slyly convince him to slide his cock between my hungry lips?


He takes me outside to catch up on things.


He lives in my neighborhood, but I knew that. We talked a while, and he very casually mentioned his insatiable sex drive. I also have one of those, I thought and decided tonight would be the night I ask him to come home with me. The night winds down and he sits next to me, tipsy and flirtatious and as I’m leaving, he surprises me and takes the initiative.

“Do you need me to walk you home?” Of course, I do. It’s only about three blocks, but when we get to my house I ask if he’d like to come in.

He surprised me by providing an excellent conversation and telling me he wasn’t trying to fuck me.


Oh geez, why not? Don’t you like oral sex? I thought. Isn’t that the fun of walking a nympho home? This is getting silly…why are the good guys always afraid of letting girls know they want sex? Honestly! That’s all I really want to know…this is why, of course, I always have to make the first move. But slow down, Justice. Don’t scare the boy. I invite him into my bed and I put on something little and slinky that shows off my curves. I crawl into bed with him and just wait. Because I know how this usually goes. As soon as he feels how soft my skin is and how sexy my body feels against him, his body will do the talking. And it did, oh boy, it did…


Nothing I love more about sleeping in bed with a man than the feeling is hard cock nestle between my butt cheeks for the first time…


It’s slightly off topic from oral sex, but not really. Why do you ask? Because as difficult as it is for me, sometimes I like to be the ultimate tease. I’ve never been afraid to do a little innocent cock tease while the man is trying to sleep, brushing my ass cheeks light up and down his hard shaft, grinding slowly. He said he doesn’t want to fuck me, and I’m out to prove to him that he does. His cock, at this point, is doing all the talking, straining and jumping in his boxer briefs, so much precum that it was smearing on my skin. Oh really, you don’t want to fuck me? As much as I wanted to, I decided to delay instant gratification and wait and see if he’d still be able to restrain himself in the morning.



This morning, 8 am:


“I kept waking up in the middle of the night with a huge hard-on, holy shit.” were the first words out of his sleepy mouth. Oh man,  I don’t even say anything because I can’t wait or negotiate any longer. So I slide underneath the covers and start licking his incredible cock up and down, worshipping every detail, falling in (temporary!) love with every vein. Sucking his cock is making my pussy throbbing wet, his hands caressing my tits, playing with my hard nipples.

I truly can’t control my urge and I climb on top of him and ride his steel until my quivering pussy cums all over him. He flips me over and slides his drenched cock between my big tits and starts thrusting as I lick and suck him. He shoves his cock into my mouth, filling it up, and I suck and stroke him until he pulls out and cums all over my tits and my face, shuddering and moaning. My favorite breakfast is by far an oral sex breakfast.

What a mess. I look up at him and say, “good morning”.


If you love oral sex as much as I do, you should really give me a ring for some seriously hot phone sex. I’m the blowjob goddess you’ve been wanting. Sweet, sensual, rough or sloppy…I’ve got all of your oral sex bases covered. Don’t believe me? No harm in trying it out.

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