I have never fucked a neighbor before.

Don’t get me wrong – I have fucked hoards of guys who live in my neighborhood, but never my next door neighbor. I’ve always been cautious that he’ll get jealous when he sees me bringing other guys over to my apartment, or that he’ll start to get attached…and the last thing a slut like me needs is a guy living next to her who thinks he can call the shots…or even worse yet, trying to become friends with my boyfriend to blackmail me…No fucking way! But that doesn’t mean I’ve never fantasized about this one particular guy…


Every time I see my neighbor outside, smoking his cigarette on the porch, I catch his eye. The first time I saw him was in my backyard at night. Our eyes met and I felt an instant attraction to him. He’s handsome, tall, blond…when he looks at me I can’t help but wonder what faces he would make if I was on my knees sucking his cock…and that cock…I definitely wonder about that cock. Sweethearts, you know it’s not like me to restrain myself when it comes to men, but some guys are just strictly off-limits to me. I can tell that I could have this guy wrapped around my finger if I wanted to.

The way he looks at me, I can tell he’s very curious in all the right ways.

That curiosity is amplified by the fact that I don’t even say hello, I’m sure. But I know if I start talking to him I will probably fuck him. I definitely know myself well enough not to think otherwise. If he comes near me, I will fuck him. That’s how I am with most men. Fuck first, talk later. But this one is off limits!


But what if, someday, I did happen to ask him to light my cigarette for me? I fantasize about eagerly running up to him wearing my sexy, tight workout clothes… yoga pants so tight he can see my smooth, plump camel toe and a crop top just loose enough that he can tell from the way my tits are bouncing that I’m not wearing a bra. I take a long drag of my cigarette, looking him right in the eye, leaning back for a moment, letting my yoga pants show off my pussy slit, my shirt straining against my hard nipples.

Watching him undress me with his eyes, that cock jumping in his pants, and then I just thank him, turn around and walk away, leaving him to watch as my firm ass jiggles with every step.

I get so wet knowing we will both go home and masturbate thinking about each other. Building up the tension of what could become a steamy fuck fest…or maybe I’ll just keep doing little sexy things to make him so hard from a distance that he can’t resist stroking his throbbing cock…


I suppose if I won’t let myself have him, the next best thing is making sure he thinks about me every time he touches himself.

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