First of all cigarette smoking fetish phone sex is just so sensuous.   The other day I was driving in my car and lit up a cigarette seems like every guy was staring at me.  Slowly I lifted it to my mouth and softly started to suck in the smoke and blew it out ever so gracefully.  I really wasn’t paying much attention. Rather than going through the motions, like they were second nature to me – just like breathing.  A habit I developed at a very young age.  Along with other naughty habits of drinking and wild sex parties.   My smoking fetish developed into to so much more that afternoon.

My pretty glossed lips puckered around the tip cigarette, as I slowly lifted it to my mouth over and over. Gently my lips wrapped around the cigarette making me feel so glamorous and all grown up.   I could tell the man sitting in the sports mustang convertible felt the same way.   He was staring at me in pure ecstasy. He couldn’t take his eyes off of me. 

My sexy smoking fetish was driving him crazy. Almost as of, he was hypnotized by my every move.  I just released the smoke from my puckered lips as the light changed.  Off I went!  I knew the man in the Mustang was praying for the next light to turn red.   His wish came turn – green – yellow – red.  I enjoyed feeding his smoking fetish a little more.

Slowly he pulled up, so as not to seem anxious, but he didn’t wanna miss a moment of the show.  I knew I was driving him crazy.   I must have enticed his smoking fetish since he unzipped his pants and began masturbating in between lights.   Just the way he was moving his hand up and down.   Slowly stroking his cock and enjoying each moment.  

He didn’t want to take his eyes off of me.  He closely followed my hand, as I placed the cigarette to my mouth.   His eyes were deadlocked on my lips.  Watching my lips part, as if he could feel my puckered lips wrapped around his cock.  Certainly, he was imagining me giving him the best blow job ever.  Sucking in – licking my lips and blowing out.   I blew the smoke over in his direction. Almost as if all his senses to take part in this little adventure.  

He didn’t take his eyes off my lips. Seems like he was hanging on my breathe.  I could only imagine what was going around in his head.  The overall erotic thought of me straddling over him as I lit up a cigarette and blew the smoke softly in his face. Maybe he was imagining what it would be like if I was sucking his cock the same way.  The thoughts seem endless as I took the last drag.  Sucking in the smoke – deep and hard just taking my time.   I knew I made his day, as I slowly released the smoke and blew him a kiss, just as the light turned green.  

There’s nothing like driving a man crazy with a smoking fetish.  Of course, teasing you with my pussy would make you lose it. Furthermore, are you ready for me to drive you crazy as I softly blow a ring of smoke around your cock?  Also shall I blow streams of smoke, smoking fetish phone sex or maybe 420 phone sex as I endlessly ride your cock and ash my cigarette on your chest?  Will you be my human ashtray?   The fantasies and pleasures are endless.   Extreme as you would like them to be.  Call me so we can explore anything and everything – and a lot more.

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