Do you have small penis syndrome?

Lots of callers have small penis syndrome. They have an average-sized dick, but they think it’s a lot smaller than average. Porn has distorted what so many consider average-sized. They think that because they see guys in porno movies with eight or nine inches, that must be the average. So they are smaller than that and feel they must be inadequate. Small penis humiliation calls are fun regardless. If they have a dick the size of an acorn or a salami, it’s fun to tell them they’re inadequate.

Sometimes you cannot convince them their six-inch cock is average due to small penis syndrome. To them, it’s too small to please a woman. They think all women are size queens. This caller last week said he was just under six inches, and he’s afraid his wife’s cheating on him. He saw him eyeing a new black neighbor with a huge bulge in his pants. Their insecurities are hilarious. I told him his wife’s likely already fucking the black neighbor. That he better pay attention when he goes down on her since there might be cum in her.

He might be lapping up the black man’s cum when he is licking her.

He said the guy’s likely got over ten inches. It could not compare to his small penis syndrome. I told him he’s right. Does his wife seem looser lately? More stretched out? It’s fun to play into their fears. It’s easy to psych out men that have small penis syndrome. They always think they are lesser than. He called back last night and said he thought he tasted something funny the last time he ate her out. She told him she was just extra juicy. He didn’t say anything more to her. Then he fucked her, and he would swear his cock felt tighter in her before.

I laughed and said her cunt probably felt stretched from the guy next door. I told him his six incher just isn’t doing the job anymore.  Poor guy and his small penis syndrome. He’d best grow used to masturbating a lot more. Maybe if he’s lucky, they might let him watch as time goes by. He needs to accept he’s a cuckold. It’s an acquired taste, I told him. He will like the idea in time. Then, he might even be on his knees soon sucking it! He was upset at my suggestions and said it’s not true; she wouldn’t really do that to him.

Was she dissatisfied with his small penis syndrome?

I laughed as he spoke at length about the signs she’s already taking by another man. Then he said he thinks his penis might actually be shrinking as he gets older. I was laughing so hard as he protested it was no laughing matter. I was laughing so hard my sides hurt the more he went on about it. If ever there was a guy with small penis syndrome, it’s him. Play on their fears, and you keep them coming back for confirmation of them; it was hilarious. He called earlier today again and said she told him she’d be late coming home.

I said, you know why right? He said yes, that’s why he’s worried. I said she was having dark meat tonight, and he’s jerking his little dick off alone. He said yesterday Jamal was outside mowing the lawn in a Speedo. I said he wanted the husbands on the block worked up. He’s likely fucking several of the wives; I stated matter of factly. I swear, he sounded on the verge of tears. I, on the other hand, was on the verge of laughter. He can’t stop thinking about his wife taking that monster cock up her pussy. His poor small penis syndrome

Then her arriving home and feeling disappointed in his tiny penis.

He’s fixated on her pussy getting stretched out and his having licked up the neighbors cum. He’s started watching cuckold and interracial porn now. I’ve gotten him obsessed with the fact his wife might be taking big, black cock. I told him to ask her if she’s indeed fucking him. If she is, he’s ok with it and will be happy to watch them. I can only imagine her reaction if he actually gets the nerve to say such a thing. But, I doubt he would be man enough to do it; he’s kind of a worm, but an amusing worm.

I guess I will find out how things go. I look forward to finding out!

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small penis syndrome