The secret that you don’t want anyone to know about.

Small penis humiliation is meant just for you. That’s right, YOU! Why on earth would a grown man be walking around with something like that in between their legs. It’s too small to even call it a cock, dick, or rod.

Technically, since you’re “a man” it should be a penis but even saying that feels gross as it slithers across my lips. I’d prefer to call it a clitty. Being that you have balls attached to it is the only apparent identifying marker that it’s supposed to be a dick. It’s so freaking small. Oddly cute even!

You have to be cursed!

Did you get kicked it that area multiple times while you were a child or something. It looks like it stopped growing while you were very young. The only way for you to go pee-pee my dear is by sitting on the toilet just like a child. That or hug the cramp out of a urinal as you try to not let the pee dribble down your pants like usual.

Just own the fact that small penis humiliation is your life.

That’s right!! Your little hotdog that looks as if it’s been chopped in half has no use. Let me help you with a little self prep for daily use. Look in the mirror, stare hard, now remind yourself of how worthless your existence is. That fact that you will NEVER be about to truly satisfy a real woman like a real man can.

Yes, the man you’re supposed to be. As we can tell you weren’t good enough to live up to that. All hope of you being a real man was lost very early on. You grew up wondering why this is. In school, whenever you got the chance, you took hard glances at the other boys. Just wondering why your half hotdog is so little.

I may let you be my boyfriend only for some small penis humiliation purposes.

I laugh at the most identifying thing that you lack…… daily, as a matter of fact, every second I get. Sit back while I treat that mouth of yours to my cake when I feel. I will even purchase you a few toys. Now since you have failed at being a real man where it counts I have other tasks for you. I should just say that it’s homework. Your first assignment will be to watch twat eating porn. After all, that’s all you’re good for. You will learn the twat as well. All of the different pressure pleasure points.

Being that I don’t fall short like you, you’ll need to please me. I’ll even let you stuff me with your rod. No!!!! I’m not talking about the pathetic bump in between your legs. I purchased you a real man cock. Its made just for my pleasure from you. Since you don’t have it where it counts I’ll be strapping onto your mouth. You’ll get to watch, close up, what a real cock looks like sliding in and out of the sweetness of my delectable peach.

I have better use for you.

Throw away all hopes of me letting the thing touch me. Nothing at all that I can do with you other than ride your face. But…..You know what?? Unless people like you get useless jobs. At first, you will have the pleasure of watching that mouth cock glide in and out of me. Since you only dribble cum everywhere when you cum you will lick it up. What a good pathetic chump you are.

Even better I will give you the opportunity of watching my real man divide my sweet puss lips. Watch as you lay on you back with my twat hovering over your face. Looking at his cut cock pierce through my sweet opening.  That girthy cock sliding in and out of me getting bigger and bigger right over your face.

That cock doesn’t work but your rump dose.

Watching me receive a real cock makes you think harder than ever before about how one will feel inside of you. Lucky for you I’ve got a special surprise. Unlike before when I let you taste my sweet box, afterward, this time you will suck my strap-on. Get it nice and wet for me. Practice makes perfect for what your purpose really is.

Watch me lube it up, turn around and bend over. Euphoric pleasure rushes through you as you realize your purpose. You are a weak wimp. A server and a cleanup boy. Pathetic how your wee nub gets hard when you’re belittled.

Small penis humiliation

I take pride in making you realize your place. Can you take some small penis humiliation from the best phone sex Mistress?