Slutty Wife Seeks Revenge

When he was ready to cum again, he asked me again where I wanted him to cum.  I said that he could cum anywhere except all over my face.  I hated it when he did that!  “Open your mouth, he demanded.  I was confused because I had just told him not to cum all over my face.  

But then I remembered that he never does what his slutty wife asks him to do. And besides, he had tied me up.  There wasn’t anything I could do to stop him.  My silly husband!

I refused to open my mouth but he pointed his cock at my face anyway. And then he pumped his cock as a stream hit me right in the middle.  A second one hit my chin and the third landed on my forehead.

He seemed pretty pleased with what he had done as I lay there covered in his cum.  I was not pleased, however. I was even more resolved to get some slutty wife revenge on my husband! 

After he untied me, I went directly to the shower and got dressed without speaking to Bob.  I put on the sexy red dress that he had insisted I bring.  It wasn’t exactly appropriate for a wedding and I was sure he didn’t intend for me to wear it outside of the hotel room.

But I didn’t care.  I looked amazing and I wanted to look as slutty as possible.  To this end, I skipped wearing any panties with my very short dress.  “This is going to be so much fun,” I thought, excitedly!

In Front of All of Our Friends

When we left for the wedding I still wasn’t speaking to Bob.  He tried to talk to me like nothing had happened, but I wouldn’t answer.  All I said was that I was going to get him back today.  In front of all of our friends. His slutty wife was going to get her revenge!

At the wedding all eyes were on me in my tight red dress.  The men were staring because of my hot tits and ass which looked so sexy.  The women were all looking at me disapprovingly.

Slutty Wife – Revenge Will Soon Be Hers  

But it was because they were jealous and wished they looked like me.  They never will, though.  Hee hee! I felt a little bad for pulling focus away from the bride but it was necessary for my slutty wife revenge!

After the wedding, everyone went to a local bar to catch up with all of our friends from college.  There were a lot of people there.  And a lot of handsome men for me to use in my plan of revenge.  Someone bought the first round of drinks and then I began my plan.

Well, my sexy perverts.  As you know, I’m trying something different.  What did you think about our slutty wife?  Did you like my  College Son Huge Cock  series more?  Let me know in the comments below.

Slutty Wife

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