Slutty Wife finally gets revenge!

When we left for the wedding I still wasn’t speaking to Bob.  He tried to talk to me like nothing had happened, but I wouldn’t answer.  All I said was that I was going to get him back today.  In front of all of our friends. His slutty wife was going to get her revenge!

After the wedding, everyone went to a local bar to catch up with all of our friends from college.  There were a lot of people there.  And a lot of handsome men for me to use in my plan of revenge.  Someone bought the first round of drinks and then I began my plan.

I quickly found my first target, Cody.  Bob’s best friend in college.  They had drifted apart as friends so he hadn’t seen him in many years.  I knew that he had always had a crush on my husband’s slutty wife and was also a little jealous of Bob.

To be honest, I always thought he was pretty hot too.  But until now, I had never considered being unfaithful to my husband.  Tonight, though, his slutty wife was going to cheat.  A lot! 

Slutty Wife In A Secluded Booth

I walked away from my husband without a word and right up to Cody.  His eyes immediately went to my huge tits, as they always did.  He was practically drooling over me in my sexy red dress that my boobs were literally falling out of at this point. 

“This is going to be so easy!” I thought. Men are so silly!  This made me so wet that my pussy juices were running down my thighs.  It was then that I remembered I wasn’t wearing any panties.  This made me even more excited. 

Then, my ridiculous husband came over and tried to join the conversation. I guess he thought that he could interfere.  He must have started to suspect my slutty wife revenge plot.  There was no way that I was going to let him interrupt my plan, though! I told him that Cody and I were going to go have a drink alone in a secluded back booth.  As we walked away I said “I told you I would get my revenge!”

No Conversation Was Necessary

I slid into the dimly lit booth and Cody sat down very close to me on the same side.  He seemed to know that he was going to get to fuck me.  He probably also sensed that I was just using him to get back at his best friend but he didn’t seem to care.  Men are so funny when their dicks lead the way!

I didn’t even bother to make conversation.  I grabbed his hand and shoved it down to my drenched pussy.  

Well, my sexy perverts.  As you know, I’m trying something different.  What did you think about our slutty wife?  Did you like my  College Son Huge Cock  series more?  Let me know in the comments below!

Slutty Wife

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