He tells me to come in and that he needs to see me in his office for a moment.

It’s my first night to babysit and as I walk up the sidewalk to the door all I can think about is how hot it would be for Tabitha and me to be slutty teen babysitters together. I get to the front door but before I can knock it opens and there stands Brandon. He tells me to come in and that he needs to see me in his office for a moment As he leads the way I notice my heart racing just from being in his presents. After he shut the door and went to sit at his desk and  I start to sit in a chair across from him. Before I could he said “Did I say you could sit? No, I did not.”  I stood there offended but before I could protest he ordered me to come around the desk and stand in front of him.

He asked me If I was a good good girl.

As I made my way in front of him he turned in his chair and opened his legs. He asked me If I was a good girl. I froze until he said ” answer the question. Are you a good girl? Can you make me proud?” As I stared at the bulge in his pants I said: ” Yes I’m a good girl.” in a tiny voice.

Then suddenly he slid my face down on his lap so far that his cock filled my throat.

He pulled me to my knees in front of him using his foot to force them apart as he pulled out his rock hard cock. His hands clamped down on both sides of my head as he slammed my mouth down around his dick. It invaded my throat instantly and all I could do was gag. He slammed my head up and down until tears streamed down my face. I could feel his heavy balls hit my chin as he used my mouth.  Suddenly he slid my face down on his cock and held me there. With his cock lodged in my throat, I tried to move so he simply, tightened his grip on my head.  ” Now be a good girl. You don’t want to disappoint me do you?” he said sharply. My cunt swelled in excitement and my hole dripped into my panties.

Next, I heard a deep groan then felt a firm grip on my hair.

I did my best to shake my head as an answer he finally pulled me up by the hair. “You are about to be marked as mine. Do you understand me slut?” I just whispered “Yes” as he began to jerk his cock in my face then pushed my chin down to open my mouth and so he could pump in and out as he pleased. Next, I heard a deep groan then felt a firm grip on my hair. Before I knew it thick ropes of warm cum splattered my face and coated my tongue.

Two slutty teen babysitters are better than one.

He put his dick away and told me to clean off my face. There I was looking around for a bathroom or at least a kleenex when he said: “clean it off with your fingers and put it in your mouth you little whore.” As I did as I was told I decided the first rule of the Babysitter’s Club would be that no cum should go to waste. Then I  thought to myself ” It looks like Brandon likes slutty babysitters like me. I wish Tabitha was here. Two slutty teen babysitters would be better than one”. I knew we would make a perfect pair of teen cum sluts.

Tessa the teen babysitter is just getting started!

If you enjoy hearing about all the dirty secrets of slutty teen babysitters then keep an eye out for the next chapter. You can look forward to Tessa’s friend Tabitha getting in on some teen girl on girl action! Also, find out who gets an anal creampie in next week’s edition!

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