Who remembers their first job? I do because it became an unexpected and naughty babysitting club. It was a couple of summers before going to college when I took a job as a teen babysitter. I wanted to make some money so I could go on a trip with my best friend Tabitha and her family. They were going to Six Flags and invited me to go if I could pay for my own admittance ticket and any extras I wanted. I was really excited until. My parents said I had to earn the money to go.

I started frantically looking for any job I could find until one Sunday afternoon I was with my Mom at the grocery store and noticed a flyer on the bulletin board at the front of the store. It was for a naughty babysitting club position in a ritzy area of town so I tore off one of the little tags with the phone number on it and called as soon as we got back home. A man answered the phone and I nervously squeaked out ” Umm hi. My name is Tessa. I was wondering if you still needed a babysitter?”. I answered his questions and we set up a time to meet for an interview the next evening.

The next evening just as planned I showed up for the interview and rang the doorbell.

This was so exciting! I picked out my outfit as soon as I got off the phone. The winning outfit ended up being a black pleated knee-length skirt and a fitted long sleeve shirt along with black kitten heel shoes. The next evening Just as planned I showed up for the interview and rang the doorbell. When the door opened there stood a tall handsome guy who immediately made me nervous. ” Tessa right?” I stopped biting my bottom lip long enough to nod my head yes. He invited me in and motioned for me to have a seat on the leather couch in a living room that was twice as big as mine.

He told me the hours he would need me to be available and all about his two kids. Mason was about to turn 12 and Evan was 9..

As we finished up and I prepared to leave I realized he had not told me his name so as he opened the front door to see me out I asked him. He said ” excuse my bad manners, Tessa! My name is Brandon Bradford.” I said, “Ok Brandon I’ll see you next week and thanks for the job! “When I went to talk out the door when I felt his hand on my lower back as he said: ” You have no idea how glad I’ll be to have you”. My mouth hung open and I felt a warm sensation journey down my body and between my trembling legs. After standing there for what seemed like forever, I gained the composure to say ” uh no problem. I have to get going. Thanks again!”

I pulled my shirt over my head as I sat on the edge of my bed and pulled my wet panties to the side.

When I got home I headed straight to my room. I shut and locked the door quietly with shaking hands I realized I never had such a strong reaction to anyone or anything in my life! I pulled my shirt over my head as I sat on the edge of my bed and pulled my wet panties to the side. My index finger slid down my slit frantically searching for my dripping teen pussy I bit my bottom lip to keep quiet as I rammed my finger in and out. I felt how wet and juicy I was and it made me hotter. With my other hand, I grabbed ahold of my hard pink nipple and tugged it hard as I finger fucked my fuck hole even harder.

Then I could feel the walls of my pussy contract around my probing finger. Seconds later a warm waterfall of creamy teen cum poured from my pussy. I collapsed on my back and tried to collect my thoughts as I cleaned off my cum drenched finer with my tongue. That’s when my phone rang.it was my best friend Tabitha I answered.

I was still thinking about Brandon and how turned on he had made me.

She was talking about something she wanted from the mall but honestly, I was still in a daze. I was still thinking about Brandon and how turned on he had made me. Tabitha must have noticed I was not as into the conversation as I normally would be. The next thing I heard was her saying ” Tessa? hello? Are you still there?” I ended up explaining that I had a huge crush on Brandon and that I could not stop thinking about him. She said “Maybe I should meet him sometime!” then giggled. When she said that I thought “We could start a club. A Naughty Babysitting club”!

After we finished talking I started thinking about Tabitha and how hot she looks naked. Ever since we started going to workout together I can’t seem to stop looking at her fuckable body. I can’t help but notice how cute and perky her little B cup tits are. Her waist is tiny but her hips flare out and are wide-set. It’s a good thing they are though because she needs wide hips to hold her amazing juicy ass!

In bed that night all I could think about is wanting Tabitha in the naughty babysitting club!

Please check back for the next chapter of my  Naughty Babysitting Club coming soon!!

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