You know what? I have yet to figure out why incest is taboo at all. My first sexual experiences were at home. Honestly, some of the best stress relief I have ever had was during a family fuck therapy session that took place in my bedroom. I had just gotten home WAY past curfew and was promptly sent to my room to wait for my Daddy to come in and hand down his punishment. I expected to be grounded or have to do extra chores or something like that… What happened next was something I thought only happened in porn.

Daddy came stomping into my room and shut the door. He stood there towering over me as I looked up at him sheepishly. Daddy and I had always had a special relationship. From the time I was a little bitty girl, he would play with my tiny body and rub his cock in front of me. It was what I thought all Daddy’s who loved their little girls did. I was thinking about how handsome he looked standing there in front of me when he started undoing his belt. I did not know if this meant I was getting a whippin’ or if he was going to jack off on my face so I asked him “Daddy am I in trouble?” He finished pulling his belt out of his belt loops and said ” Tessa I’m worried about you. I know you have been hanging around with that kid Brent that lives a couple of blocks over from us. He’s trouble Tessa and I don’t intend to let you end up like him.. You WILL NOT be dating him anymore! Understood?” As you can imagine this did not go over well with me. I stood up and screamed ” That’s SOOO unfair Daddy! You don’t even know Brent! Who are you to judge him? That’s so unfair!!! You’re jealous of my boyfriend!!!!” That was the wrong thing to say to my Daddy! Before I knew what happened he snatched me up by my long hair and drug me over to my bed. Next thing I know I’m over his knee and I feel his leather belt smack against my ass! I screamed and started crying from the pain but he just kept bringing that belt down on my fleshy ass over and over again. After what seemed like an eternity Daddy dropped the belt on the floor and sat me down on my bed.

My ass was on fire and sitting seemed impossible so I started squirming around desperately trying to relieve the stinging pain. I was looking at the ground and crying as I bit my bottom lip when I heard my Daddy’s voice. “Tessa you know I love you don’t you?” I nodded yes as he slowly pulled me down on the bed. He turned me over on my stomach and pulled my blood-tinged dress up over my ass. I did not say a word because I was ashamed… Not about what I had said to my Daddy.Not even about staying out late with Brent. I was ashamed because my purple cotton and lace panties were soaking wet! Daddy started rubbing them and found out that his daughter needed more than discipline.

She needed a good family fuck therapy session.

Daddy carefully pulled my panties down until he got them off of me. By the time he looked back up at my ass, it was going up in the air. I looked back and softly said ” kiss my owies and make them all better… Please Daddy?” At that moment my Daddy was not just my Daddy anymore. He was a full-grown man who needed to satisfy his primal urge to release his seed. He pulled his pants and underwear off and without saying a word he crawled up behind me and speared my weeping channel with his big throbbing Daddy dick. I shoved my hips back as a way of encouraging him to finish Our family fuck therapy session. He slapped my lashed open butt cheeks and though I squealed from the pain I also squealed from being in pure ecstasy! He pumped me hard and fast. He was pulling my hair so hard that my neck was forced back and my throat was exposed and begging for a fist around it.which he gladly gave me. As I started to lose consciousness he let go and as I gasped for air I heard him make a sound that I can only describe as a roar. I then felt spurt after spurt of warm gooey sperm hit my cervix and coat the inside of my pulsating cunt.

It was the most powerful and memorable experience of my life so far.

I guess our family fuck therapy session worked. I blocked Brant’s number and have avoided him ever since. Daddy and I have continued fucking and doing all sorts of deliciously dirty things together and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I am always turned on by family fun and I hope anyone who has experience or even a fantasy about incest will call me. I also enjoy getting emails and I am on Skype. I hope to chat with like-minded people who also enjoy a good family fuck therapy session so we can explore with one another and to be honest… I want to talk to you so we can cum.


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