A little slutty road head can be fun.

Slutty road head always seems so risky. Of course, it can be super dangerous if the guy is driving, and it’s so public that it makes me nervous. However, it’s fun as hell to try anyway. Yesterday I was bored after a long day running errands and had my black ex-boyfriend was passing through town. He stopped by the mall and picked me up. After a little chit chat, we drove down a side street and turned into a parking lot. He stopped near the back of the mall. The area wasn’t very secluded; we were facing houses and an alley and there were several cars in the parking lot.

He jumped the gun and leaned over and kissed me. Then, he slid his hand up my shirt and played with my tits within my bra. I had no idea how far he wanted it to go, so I panicked. Was he really planning on fucking me? Or was he just trying to do something small and naughty, like getting slutty road head? I was frantic and so turned on. So I placed my hand on his dick, rubbing and gently squeezing. Then, he pushed me away so he could lean over and suck on my tits. His tongue licked around my nipple and his teeth bit gently.

I leaned my head back against the seat and closed my eyes.

He paused for a moment and said “I’ll admit I’m a little nervous. I’ve never done anything like this.” I smiled, laughed a little, and said “me either.” Then, I kissed him again. I could feel my shyness fighting me every step of the way. He untucked his shirt, undid his belt, and pulled down his pants just far enough. I reached over and began stroking and kissed him again.  After a quick glance around to reassure me that no one was watching, I leaned over and took his dick in my mouth.

I was prepared to give him the slutty road head of his dreams. After all the foreplay, I was sideways so my lips were tightened around the sides of his dick and it was and little difficult to take him in all the way. So I wrapped my hand around the base and stroked him a little bit while I bobbed up and down on the top half. My tongue worked hard — sliding up and down and twisting around his dick. I pulled back and tongued the head. He twisted his fingers in my hair, told me how good it all felt.

His moans just turned me on more.

So I went back to sucking. Moving up and down, tightening my lips, working my tongue. Saliva dripped down him. I put one hand on his balls, gently squeezing, kind of rubbing his taint. He pulled me off of him and leaned me back so he could play with my tits more. Squeezing, licking, biting. I let him have his fun but I wanted his dick back in my mouth. I leaned back across the car and shifted my body so I could suck him from a better angle. As I slid my mouth back down, he pushed my hair out of my face and took a picture, maybe a video, I don’t know.

From that angle, it was easier for me to take him deeper, but I still wasn’t able to get all of him in my mouth. I kept trying. He put his hand on the back of my head, encouraging me to get all the way down. I gagged a little and pulled up, but dove right back in. He leaned his head back for a moment. I pulled his dick into my mouth and then pulled it out, sucking hard the entire time. He said “Come back,” so I slid off of him. “I’m about to cum. Will you go back down there?” I did as he asked, tonguing the tip just a little bit and the wrapping my head around the tip and sucking while he jacked himself off.

Soon he was cumming deep into my mouth.

When he stopped, I swallowed and pulled off of him. After we cleaned up, he drove me to class and I spent the next three hours tasting him. I wanted more. I always had a thing for trying out kinks. That’s why now I love to play around with fetish phone sex. 😉

Kali Taboo Phone Sex