I love being a slutty prostitute

One night last summer, while my boyfriend was sleeping, I got this crazy idea in my head. “Why not be a prostitute for just one night?” It had always been a fantasy of mine to be a “woman of the night”. The urge to sell my body for one night…just to feel what it would be like to walk the stroll and get picked up by “Johns”…was overwhelming. So, I did it. I slipped out of bed one summer night and put on my fishnet stockings, 6inch black paten leather heels, red skin tight spandex mini dress and a black leather jacket.

When I got to the main street where the girls hang out nothing inside of me told me to turn around. I was here and I was ready for whatever.I parked my car at a nearby grocery store parking lot and I walked a few blocks to the main stroll. There were a few ladies out but I kept my distance. I knew that if I started talking to the girls then their pimps would spot me in a second and try to get me to work for them. So I walked with my head down away from the girls but still in view for the horny guys to pick me if they saw what they liked. I dropped my keys on the ground as I was trying to put them in my purse. When I bent over to pick them up I heard a car pull up beside me and then a man’s voice, “That ass looks nice and juicy. Just like I like it sweetie. Can I get a taste of that fine ass tonight?”

I was surprised at how confident I walked over to his car. I wasn’t scared or shy when he asked me how much for a blow job and anal. My price rolled off of my tongue and the next thing I knew I was in his car. He took me to a by-the-hour cheap motel. He checked us in and came back out to the car with the room key. When we got inside of the room I didn’t waste anytime. As soon as the door closed to I dropped to my knees and started taking off his pants. His cock fit perfectly in my mouth. I was so fucking high off of the fact that I was getting paid to suck and fuck a complete stranger and he was going to PAY ME for my  prostitute services!!!!

I sucked that dick like it was no tomorrow! The guy begged me to stop because he was about to pop. “Shit baby! I want to fuck that ass before I blow this load!”. He picked me up and threw me on the bed. My crotchless fishnet panty hose were the gateway to my juicy asshole. He pulled my hair back and rammed his thick cock into my tiny asshole. He didn’t care that I was petite and barely able to take the tip of his shaft inside of my tiny hole. He was determined to bust a huge nut inside of me. I was biting my lip as he fucked me deep and hard. Grabbing the sheets as my head banged up against the cheap motel head board. The fucking was so hard that I passed out from the force of his thrusts. I woke up to warm shots of his cum covering my sweet caramel ass like a cinnamon bun. He finished me off by fucking my face with a few more pumps. After swallowing a big gulp of cum I said “That will be an extra $20 babe.”

He left the money on the table and walked into the night. I made a lot of money that night. I came home with a used pussy and asshole and pockets stuffed full of cash. After a long hot bath the following day I was ready again. The thrill of being a Prostitute was fantastic to me so I kept going! Once a week, every other night and then every night. I have no regrets. The money is good and the cocks are great! I’m a sex worker and I am fucking good at my job. Somebody’s gotta do it 😉

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