You want to be a slutty panty boy so bad and Mistress Giana is here to guide you.

I’m going to teach you everything you need to know about being the slutty panty boy that you’ve been yearning to be for so long. You have been going to the mall lingering by the underwear shops admiring the sexy underwear. You get so aroused that you have to make a trip to the restroom at least a couple of times in the day to cum from just viewing them, and every time is explosive. Then there are the women fondling the undergarments, making them look even more pleasing to the eye.

You just might have worked up the courage to go into that tantalizing store. This is after a few nervous visits at first of course. As you walk in there and nervously tell the store clerk that you are just looking for your girlfriend but we both know that you are looking for your own desires. You touch the soul satisfying fabrics, you take in all of the different varieties. You stand there in amazement of all the different selection. The only thing that you’re wondering is how they would look on you.

You walk to the back of the store as a result of getting to the point of climax from your arousal.

By now you have a few panties and you quickly walk to the counter to purchase them and leave. Afraid that people see the cum stain on your pants. The feeling of embarrassment and excitement rush over you as you leave the mall to retreat home. You get there only to realize that someone is there however, you make the best of the situation. Before unbuttoning those pants you reach over on the passenger floor and get a pair of panties from the bag.

You push them into your pants and with a long moan, you start to caress your cock and balls with the amazing garment. That’s right you slutty panty boy, enjoy that moment. The phone rings and with a quick answer, you’re questioned why you are still sitting in the car with the explanation that you’ll be inside in just a moment. Luckily, your tinted windows are hiding what you are doing. You have crept those pants down even more and now are fully stroking your self with the garment with fury. At that moment you are just determined to enjoy your purchase before entering the home.

A few moments go by and you have an explosion unlike you have ever had before.

Right on those panties is the beginning of the best yet to come. After pushing that bag of pleasure under the passenger seat you pull up your pants and exit the car. Unbeknownst to anyone there you having finally experience the best thing to happen to you in a very long time. Watching women in sexy panties had long ago lost its joy and you want to be the one to wear them now.

It started with just looking at them. Then slowly it progressed into felling them on a sexy, curvy woman. Now you just have had this urge for so long to be in them. You endure the events of the day until you’re able to dive into your edging joi obsession. When everyone has left and fallen asleep you gather a few things and head to the basement. From the basement, you retrieve the bag from your car.

It’s time to enjoy those sexy panties.

You take a couple of shots and get that courage that’s buried so deep within you. It’s time to call the best phone sex operator and party with her. Maybe you will even get on Skype to play. As you two talk you select a pair of panties along with a sexy shirt and bra. Did I mention that you don’t only have one special little secret? Truth be told you have quite a few hidden. The only person you share them with is your favorite phone sex start that you always have the best phone sex with.

She has found a way to open you up and explore all the little nook and crannies of yours. Panties were the next step to pair with the other naughty things that you like to do that not even your best friend knows about. He has a great night every time they hook up as they explore deeper and sluttier fantasizes of his…ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR SHIFT INTO BEING A SLUTTY PANTY BOY?