We all can admit how amazing my face is, so edging JOI games are the thing to play.

Like many, I will make edging JOI games your favorite too. Yes, all men jerk their cocks to either porn or and a sexy voice like mine. It can be that some men just jerk off to nothing at all. There is more fun in letting me fuck with your cum techniques. I bring you so close to that point than making you stop. Taking control of when you cum is what I love to do anyway.

It is a great training technique to control when you explode. Men are used to feeling it and just letting it take over them but with edging JOI games it brings you to a whole new world of fun. It is so addicting and way more lively than just cumming of course. When you combine edging JOI games with a little hypnosis then it takes it to a whole new level of control. But I digress until later.

Edging a person is good but edging JOI games make me wet.

They make my panties dry with joy and a huge adrenaline rush. I love how I have you close your eye’s and make you follow my instructions. Not only because I’m telling you what to do, but because of the thrill and direction of my voice. You never just go right into stroke your cock, the precise touch is needed. We both need to feel the excitement in our JOI phone sex.

You are going to be completely naked, sitting and waiting for my words to flow. I always think that it is so much more fun to sit in the dark. The next best to that would be it sit in front of the mirror. You touch the many different areas of your cock to my direction while your pulse starts to speed up.

Sometimes I love to see my guys that edge.

Being on Skype is what pumps up the excitement to our edging JOI games as well. I give you the direction while I watch your cock stand up hard as a rock from all of your pressure points being teased. We all know that edging isn’t just about teasing the cock and balls. If some have never given you direction to tease the other parts of your body then you will need to do it better the next time.

I like to start with you touching your inner thighs. Your nails will lightly scratch your nails against your inner thighs going to the direction of your crotch. It is rare to play without lubrication so I suggest oil, butter, soap, lotion, etc. But, for my very very naughty and fun playmate, they use their precum or their pussy juice. Yes, women edge too! For the rest of this, I will just refer to the men but if you women want to experience edging just give me a call.

Don’t let the name fool you.

If you want me to enjoy the fun I will. I cum pretty easy and will fuck this college girl pussy with any sized dildo that you want me to. All while telling you exactly how I am fucking my pussy so that you can jerk your cock that same way. We can do it nice and slow or hard and fast. Slow then speed up or fast and pull out. That is usually how that hard panting starts as well as the beginning of what I love to call a hard edge.

It’s right there on the edge waiting to pour out of you. Make a small circle with your pointer and thumb then push your cock right through it. That hard push makes it almost impossible to contain. That’s where we make the decision of do we race to cum, or I can let you cum or do I make your cock sit there throbbing while you’re not allowed to touch it. I have had people that have cum while they thrust the air to my describing how I will ride the rock hard sword.


Can you handle the queen of edging?!

I enjoy fun and make sure that is across the board so don’t be too scared. I’ve sold a few of my voice clips of my babes too of specific instructions that they like.