Yes, my kink level is very high.

Very sadistic some may even say.

But what I really enjoy on the night before the New Year.

Is special play on this special day…..well night!

This is a very special time of year when the energy is high and time to quench my slutty New Year sin. Ever since I can remember how I loved the rush of pleasure in all of the wrong places. It’s so taboo, so forbidden yet the sweetest taste that one can ever have. When all the wrong (right) people are included this just gives you a natural high.

Slutty New Year sin with my boyfriends’ brother.

We were going steady for over a year. I was even included in the family evens, which included trips out of the state to eating out and intimate gathering at church. We were all close and very friendly but outside of Cam nothing ever transpired. That is until that night we brought in the New Year. We gathered there to listen to the spirited songs and have a bonding time. I wore something really special. A red dress: lace, and satin. It clung to my young curves and made me feel older than my actual age. I can say that I felt the warmth from the stares and I walked the aisle and took a seat.

I sat between my Cam and his brother. His love seated on the other side of him. As the time pasted I felted his gaze grow stronger and stronger. His body was closer to me than before. I excused myself to get a drink of water in the middle of the performance. As I stood there in the women’s restroom staring in the mirror I felt overwhelmed and slightly embarrassed as I shouldn’t have overdressed. As I opened the door to leave Cam’s brother stood there with lust in his eyes.

Without a moment to react, he grabbed my hips and kissed me deeply.

Sliding me back into the bathroom. He’d left a napkin with cock inside and dabbed a touch on his tongue and slide it back into my mouth. While I kissed for that moment he’d undid his pants and when the strong latch of our lips broke I peered down to see his cock. He dabbed the tip of his pink head into the napkin and guided my head down to lick it off which turned into a few good throat pumps.

He then lifted me onto the counter, spread my legs and ripped my panties off. I eagerly looked as I watched him cover his throbbing head onto the white power again and then his tongue. As he probed my mouth again I felt him slid himself into me. I don’t know what it was about that coke on his cock but it made me cum uncontrollably for the next few minutes. This was my first slutty New Year sin.

Gabby and my slutty New Year sin.

This was a friend that I’ve always experienced before that night. It was nothing new to our families when we wandered off. What they didn’t know was that we’d venture all around the church. One year for the first time between me and Gab. We went into one of the offices of the members with the sole intent of being nosey. As we searched through the bags we found nipple clamps and a strap-on.

Before finding those items we’d already started to kiss, lick each other and use our finger on each other. We knew what the items were and started to get turned on. Gab’s tits were large like mine she made it very clear that she was turned on by quickly unbuttoning her top and showing me. She looked into my eye with the passion of hers that always turned me on and told me to put them on her.

She had the power to make me do anything anywhere!

To date, she was the best lesbian lover I’ve had. I whispered to her, “why not bring in the New Years cumming”? I didn’t bother strapping on the strap-on. We take a sec between heavily wet kisses to look at the wall clock. We started with five minutes to spare before the New Year. At two minutes remaining is when I slide the 6-inch dildo inside of her. She returned the penetrating favor by slowly guiding two of her fingers into my young tight twat.

We planned in just right and with seconds to spare started focusing our each other’s g-spots and right when the bells to the church start to ding we came together. We rushed to put everything back and returned to our families. What a night that was!!

slutty new Year

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