Girls telling sex stories, what do you think happens when you hear or witness this?

Girls telling sex stories in a group can lead to one of two things. All of these hot sex stories being we tell work us, hot girls, up in so many different ways. I am always one of the girls telling sex stories. With my huge love for everything sexual, I love sex and different ways of enjoying it so why not share. I get fired up when I share my strap-on, findom, BDSM, college girl gangbangs and more. I have also been on the receiving end of hearing lots of sex stories as well. Most of which turn me on resulting with me plunging my hand at whoever is telling me.

Are you ready to dive into some of these cock twitching stories from a girl telling sex stories that I know?

One of my close friends in high would sleep over tons when I lived back home. When we got into high school, we never kept a hot sex story from one another. Starting with the P.E. teacher grinding on us, to the principal jerking off behind his desk, to having various guys massage our young tight cunts. This one night she really surprised me with a sex story of hers. It was about my brother. Ress was in the garage one smoking her cigarette while listening to her music on the phone. She didn’t hear my brother approaching her from behind until he on was her.

By the time she realized he was behind her his hard cock was pressed against her cotton panties while she stood there in the bending over the position. She was so turned on by the girth of his throbbing cock pressing firmly against her. He didn’t waste time and started to pump her thighs and caress her tits. The Ress I know would’ve just dropped to her knees like any other cock encounter but this night she wanted to be fucked. While she told me she did act scared, at first anyway, then she saw that I slowly squeezed my thighs together with arousal.

She went on and tells me how she pulls her panties aside and pushes back on his cock just as my mom peeked out the door to check on things. The truck was in the way of his cock in her cunt so mommy didn’t see a thing. That, however, didn’t stop my brother from cupping her tits from behind and creaming her cunt instantly there in the garage and again on the floor while I slept in my bed.

Talk about HOT!!

She grabbed both of my arms and pleaded for me not to be angry at her, which I wasn’t. I played coy and told her she can make it up by laying down on her back. Usually, I would be the first to lick her sweet juices but that night I sat on her face. I rode her mouth until I squirted so hard that I fell out from how powerful I came. Afterward, she got all hot with my little story.

Of course, I have tons of girls telling sex stories situations that I’ve been in.

My first story to share with my girls was of me and my professor. My grades sucked when I started school and I stayed after class with him to go over the work. After telling my friends the situation their advice was to have sex with him. I already thought of his cock and seen the shape of it so I got ready for the showdown.

When I saw him again I went right for the gold. He started by telling me to stop taking off my clothes but once I got them off he couldn’t resist. A funny thing happened though. Right when his cock was about to burst the door popped open and there stood his wife. I was shook and ready to get out of there but she was cool about it. She got right on her knees behind me while I rode his cock and ate me from behind. When he came she cleaned me out and his cock off. This was the beautiful beginning of a couple of years of hooking up with the two of them.

Have you ever heard of girls telling sex stories?

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