Every guy has their own college girl fantasy.

I embody that college girl fantasy to the complete fullest. My first two years consisted of me being walked all over in every way that you can imagine. Those lonely nights of me playing with my huge variety of sex toys alone. I have spent many nights skull fucked roughly by BBC with my ass and pussy forcefully fucked. Afterward, I’d crawl on the floor and lick up all of the urine, and cum.

To be perfectly honest I loved and still love being a whore for a BBC and drinking all of that creamy cum. I get so mesmerized by the cum as it squirts so far out. Surround by a jerk circle of those monster cocks looking on as they jerk slowly, furiously or something in between. Feeling how they grab my big college girl tits and slap their BBC across my face as I sit in wait for their cum.

My point is I no longer am a complete submissive college girl. I have a choice in the matter of being both a submissive college girl and a sexy worshiped Mistress. It is weird to say but the sub and dome of the sexual world bring so much pleasure in so many different ways.  As I’ve grown into this dual person I can honestly say that I’ve grown an even broader sex appeal.

college girl fantasy

I am every man’s college girl fantasy.

Also, my darling giggles bring it all together. I love how my submissive leeches listen and obey me. The days I decide to workout I’ll visit one of them. It starts with a quick text or calls with them meeting me at the front door on their knees with their collar on. Some of these worthless worms have a significant other(HOW?).  It does make me wonder where some of them hide their cock cages and other things.

They use their tongues to clean my shoes upon entrance then removed very slowly. I love the slow parts that I receive service. “ Nice and slow you pathetic little shit” or my favorite “you know what to do, IT”. Theses sub creatures in my life are called IT. WHY? They’re too pathetic to get a proper name or anything related to being a man. Then there’s the removal of my clothing that follows with a tongue bath.

I am every man’s college girl fantasy and my college girl fantasy is to live the sex worlds of Ying and Yang.

Every crevice of my body experiences a good tongue cleaning. Especially my hot, sweaty ass. Of course, I don’t want that putrid sub spit on me so I hop into the shower where I am to always have my favorite body wash. “To be a sub is to be a giver” I always say. When I feel like they deserve it then I’ll use my vibrator for a little fun. Oh, this college girl fantasy is the world to them. Only fun when I painfully make them cum in their cock cage.

They know that their worthless peckers will never enter my cunt. So while encased in their little cage I rub the vibrator all over their little worms. The key is to do it very slowly. I like the cock cages with the metal prong on the end. Torture in their eyes when they get it up makes me flow like the Mississippi River. Only the really good one gets a special gift. These are the ones who do everything as told like keeping up with bills, stay shaven, listening to their trace recordings and some periods of no fun with wifey.

What do they get when they are really good trolls?

I uncage them, allowing them to cum with me. Not in me, HELL NO TO THAT! I put on one of my recordings of me and those master BBC. I let them have the pleasure of watching and listening to my moans. The pleasure that they will never ever be able to give. Matched with the submissive ecstasy a pathetic man like that can only worship as another man receives it right in front of the human form of slime.

The obedient slim gets to watch my panties get wet while we look at me receive real dick. That little weasel watches while I pulled out a huge BBC cock mold of that manly cock and start to suck it right in front of him. In between sucking the turd listens while playing with the pathetic thing between his legs how much he will never live up to what or those men are.

This college girl fantasy has a special ending as I make my subs watch me with real men.

While he sits there so turned on he has the pleasure of my as and pussy smothering him while I suck on the real cock. I allow him to receive a tongue and ass fucking from me But the big surprise that twit gets is watching me sit right on the cock. “Watch me cum on a real man’s cock just like in the video,” I say while he has a plug up his ass and is fiddling with what’s between his limbs.

When I cum on that BBC mold I let my subs lick it clean then I leave. As long as the deposit is on time!! This fun goes beyond those scum for the day/night. When I talk to that alpha man that makes me willingly slink down to my knees he gets me to have hot phone sex with them. While he uses my mouth and soft sexy college girl body. That way my sub will hear what They can only ever dream about.

“To worship or to be worshiped.

I just live in both worlds!!”