Let me start this off by saying how much I love my big puffy nipples.

Just the slightest touch will make my big puffy nipples hard. Even if I am just sitting around thinking about something that turns me on, my nipples get hard. They are so sensitive and freaking big! As a matter of fact.  If I wasn’t so sexual and loved the feeling and the intensity of my arousal I would hate it. But since I am that highly sexual girl that I am I freaking love it. Just the slightest touch will have my panties wet in an instance. Not only does it make me drip but it makes me have the best and most exceptional phone sex. I am always told that I give the best phone sex! Being busty is also why I cum most times without even touching my pussy. I call it my big titty superpower.

I love the stimulation of my big puffy nipples so much that I even use toys or whatever really turns me on. My babes love it when I let them pick out which toy that they want me to use when stimulating my big puffy nipples. One of the favorite items that are the main choice is nylon pantyhose. Sometimes I and requested to wear them and sometimes I am requested to just wear the pantyhose on my arms.

I use the nylons to rub across my big puffy nipples and my body.

My nipples instantly harden and I start to moan vigorously. While I am caressing my succulent titties they usually have nylons covering either just his cock or his hand and is stroking and maneuvering around his cock with those nylons. It is all done with my direction of course. I love how aroused I get when giving direction and knowing that they are using the same stimulation as I on the other end. It starts by softly pinching my nipples and getting them erect from this nylon sex tease. Then slowly I pull them into my mouth and nipple on them.

I love combining my big puffy nipples stimulating techniques with a great role play or confession call. Role play is almost always of what is a deep desire that needs to be explored. Sometimes in these cases, I ask what toy or stimulant I should play with, but in most cases, I just pick what is best to use.  It intensifies the pleasure that is to be received on both my and his end. Who doesn’t love and explosive ending?

Let me explain something.

Take a second to lay back and relax. You can choose between putting the nylons on your body or pulling them on your arms. Now all movements are going to be done very slowly and meticulously. Pay attention to the parts of your body that you wouldn’t usually pay much attention to. Examples of those zones are your stomach, legs, and knees. Then, you slowly move towards your pleasure zones. These zones are your nipples, crotch, inner thighs, nose, lips and behind the neck. Now, this is what makes it so fun to do with phone sex. Slowly move from area to area….zone to zone so to say.

Firstly you will softly scratch through those nylons, grabbing and poking. When you start to feel that “excitement” on edge then you move to that specific pleasure zone. Give that pleasure zone your direct attention. Will you tease and only linger for a while in the zone and go back and forth between that direct feel and the build up. Or will you keep that build up heightening until your excitement in that pleasure explodes?

big puffy nipples

Those naughty taboo, kinky confessions.

I don’t give a request on these calls. I love the naughty secrets that my loves tell me. It turns me on so much and I can’t help but use one of my toys. Something when I talk with my babes about those dark secrets or hidden desires I just squeeze my big puffy nipples. I also love licking them and sucking on them so much during these calls. Image telling me your dirty little secrets and you start to hear in my voice how turned on I am from hearing it all. Trust me when I say that there isn’t anything that I don’t like.

I know there are tons of phone sex numbers out there on the great internet, but mine will guarantee that we both are experiencing a great time together. I will never do any of that mechanic sounding moaning when you can have the real effect in a way.