My teen years are full of teen girl sex stories.

Let me start by telling you about when I started to wear nylons, one of my teen girl sex stories. When I came to the realization that a couple of my teachers and classmates really love nylons. I am a skirt and dress type of girl and even then I was into the same thing. At a particular age, I started wearing them. I was so amazed at how they feel of my skin that I picked up a habit of running my hands along my legs. I loved being a young naughty girl who loves to tease.

From time to time the boys would caress my legs and every time, get instantly hard as a rock. I always love the reaction as it always turns me on. I had nylon phone sex with them. Basically, I would wear only my nylons and run on my teen pussy while they panted on the phone. I chose a couple of boys that were really persistent with there love for my nylons. The thought of letting them do more became so arousing to me. That’s how one of my male teachers started to play with me and how my teen sex stories are so good.

He caught one of my guys humping my nylon covered thighs.

He had his pants dropped and was humping my nylon covered thighs right in the p.e. restroom. I’m sure that we got caught because of his moaning, which was kind of loud. I watched the teacher as he stood there for a few moments massaging his hardness through his pant. That lasted for five minutes then he interrupted us right when my friend was cuming on my nylon covered thighs.

My naughty teacher appeared to have rushed the both of us out of that restroom but he held me back. He started to tell me how it was good to let boys have their way with me. As soon as I told him how much I enjoy it he doubled down. I watched his cock get hard all over again as I told him how much I just enjoy controlling the boys. The next thing I did was out of the normal for a girl my age. I stood up and slowly walk towards him and slide my hand onto his very stimulated crotch.

While being very much surprised he stood there and let me have my way.

I told him it would be ok and to just follow my direction. He was to let his pants fall to the floor and get behind me. This day I didn’t know that I would have an encounter with my teacher or I would have worn panties. Because I didn’t wear them that day the next thing he did startle me but made my young pussy even wetter.

While I rubbed the head of his cock on my ass check he slid his hand between my legs. At first, he just slides his cock in between my things like the others but then I felt him bend me over further and push the tip of his cock between my cunt lips. I’m not going to lie, it had me turned on the way he handled me. I then had a great idea to just go into the gym teachers office and give him a treat he will love.

I got in there and laid on the desk on my back with my legs on his shoulders.

He began to slide his dick between my lips, then took the head of his cock and mash it against my hole. Only the head barely went in, I could tell how much he fell victim to it. I wrapped my legs around his hips and helped him drove the tip of his cock into my nylon covered pussy. As I watched him quiver I began wetter.

No way was I going to let my teacher fuck me, not yet anyway, what I wanted was to take control. I sat up and ripped the crotch of my pantyhose. Then I grabbed his cock, and rubbed the head of it right against my clit. It didn’t take long for his quivers to turn to shaking and an orgasmic release on my pussy as he clawed at my pantyhose. Every day after that I wore my pantyhose as a tease and every now and again I let his cock feel my nylons.

Let me know how much you like my teen girl sex stories.

teen girls sex stories

I have tons more to come. Do you all have a nylons fetish like mine? If so, when did it start? Tell me your teen girl sex stories so that we can explore together…I know that you have some good ones.