Slutty Little Red Riding Hood and Her Halloween Orgy

Slutty Little Red Riding Hood and my adventures as her.

Since Halloween is coming soon it made me think of what I did last Halloween. Last Halloween I spent my Hallows eve fucking a masked man at a costume party. But the masked man isn’t the only one I fucked that night. I remember laying on my back and being the gift for all guests at the party. I went to a friend’s house dressed as slutty Little Red Riding Hood. So I wore a cloak, red stockings, red stilettos, a red garter belt and nothing else. I knew that my role at this party was going to be one of complete sexual submission to all guests that were attending.

This particular costume party began like any other hors d’oeuvres and drinks were being passed throughout the crowd by naked service persons. I was munching away on a mushroom cap when a man dressed as Zorro came behind me. He grabbed my waist and let me to the back room of the party. I didn’t fight because I knew who he was- well not really but I had an idea. When we reached the back room I realized that everyone was laying on suede couches and soft pillows creating a symphony of moans and groans.

I felt my pussy throb every time I’m in a situation like this I never know where to start.

I was surrounded by delicious naked men and women. Zorro led me to the center of the group. He removed my Coke and forced me onto my knees. Before I know it I was surrounded by pussies and cocks waiting to put themselves in my open mouth. The first cock into my mouth 2nd went right in my pussy the 3rd entered my asshole with such ease. I was filled completely and harshly content. I couldn’t believe that story led me into one of the most delicious orgies that I ever would have been a part of.

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