Slutty heels say more than you think

Slutty heels reveal so much about one’s partner.  If your wife has a pair of slutty heels that are 5 inches or higher, I’d keep a close eye on her.  A slutty pair of heels is a sign of…well…a slut!  When a hot woman walks by, how high her heels are is the difference between whether her ass simply gets looked at or flat-out smacked.  Don’t bother confronting her about it because she’ll lie.  She has to.  She’s your wife after all.  She doesn’t want you knowing the truth.

Fuck-me heels

Guys always point out how painful slutty heels look to walk in, and they only appear more painful the taller they get.  So why do women put themselves through it?  Nice legs look nice regardless, right?  Sure, that’s partially true.  But heels have a different purpose than most of the other articles of clothing.  There are only two that symbolize that a woman really wants to fuck; her dress and her heels.  That’s why they have special names (fuck-me dress and fuck-me heels).

The most naive husband or boyfriend will say, “you’re wrong! She’s wearing those things for me.”

Let me ask you this, Einstein.  Do you ever see her wearing those things when she’s just home alone with you?  Do you ever see her in super high heels while she eats dinner with you at home or watches a movie with you or cleans?  Does she ever come home and put on those shoes and her tightest dress?  Or kick them off?  I didn’t think so.

5 inches means she’s curious.

5 inches are innocent enough to deny.  In fact, that’s their purpose.  5-inch slutty heels offer a small window to back out of being a slut.  She wants guys to look, but that doesn’t mean she necessarily wants to drop her panties for them, yet.  At this point, you should start questioning why she’s feeling this way.  Is there something you’re not giving her in bed?  Is there something you cant give her in bed?  The dangerous thing about 5-inch heels is that the attention starts getting addictive.  Men will start treating her differently.  They’ll start ignoring that wedding ring, talking to her, flirting with her. Chances are, her first fuck with another man will happen while wearing 5-inch heels, sadly.

6 inches means she’s ready to play ball

Having gotten over herself, she is ready to find someone who is every bit the man you’re not.  If you’re wife just started wearing these, I am sorry.  Someone else’s thick, juicy dick has been inside her.  And it must have been amazing because she’s upped the ante.  She’s already wasted enough time flirting and playing around in 5-inch heels.  If you happen to catch a man approach her, I guarantee you his cock is huge.  Men like this have already learned what you’re learning.  A woman like your wife isn’t going to waste time with a scrub.  She’s looking to be filled to the brim with meat.

7 inches means she’s not even hiding it anymore

If she’s worked her way up to seven inches, I’d consider any action on your part a lost cause.  By now, she’s not even hiding it, and other men don’t even care if you’re right next to her or not.  They’ll walk up to her like you’re invisible and chat her up right then and there.  He’ll squeeze those massive, meaty titties that used to be exclusively yours.  He’ll grope that tight ass, nuzzle into her neck, and press that superior bulge up against her pussy.  If you’re lucky, she still has the common decency to at least make up a reason to have to leave with him.  However, you’re expecting too much if you don’t plan to see her down the nearest alleyway squatting down like a whore and sucking his dick like it holds the cure.

8 inches: DANGER!  Breeding Mode!

Long gone are the condoms.  Birth control pills?  What are those?  There’s only cream pies, cream pies, cream pies.  I don’t know if this is considered a good thing, but she could possibly be allowing you to touch her again.  Don’t expect that hole to be empty, though.  Simply spreading her legs can be enough to get a jet of gang bang cum right in your eye.  Oh, you’d better believe more than one man has used your wife’s cum bucket pussy at once.

It’s the ultimate cuck, though.

Even if you leave her, the entire neighborhood still knows you did it because you let things get this far. What woman would ever want to be with you if you’ve proven so thoroughly how inferior you are?  You’ll never fuck again.  Your only choice -if you ever want to get laid again — is to tough it out and be the caboose on that train. Next time, stop things at 5 inches!

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