Blonde bimbo wife can’t keep the cocks away

Blonde bimbo wife sounds like a good idea at first.  To be married to a beautiful, brain-dead bombshell sounds like the perfect arrangement to some.  But then you actually live it.  Some guys don’t realize just how easy it is to fuck a slutty, blonde bimbo.  If you have the right equipment — something big enough to make her jaw literally drop — it’s quite easy.  And no one will give you a hard time about it because, well…LOOK at her!

A simple day of gardening turns into a literal cluster fuck!

You should have banned any and all activity that involves your wife bending over.  Those tight little tops don’t stand a chance against gravity trying to hold in those huge, milky knockers.  Same goes for those slutty skirts she wears.  If she stands up perfectly straight and pulls her skirt down as far as it will go, you can STILL see the bottom of her plump ass cheeks hanging out for all to see.  So imagine the surprise on those black guys’ face heading from the basketball court when they saw her bent over the front-yard flower beds trying to pull some weeds.

Naturally, they offered her some help.

Hot-dogging his raging hard-on in between those cheeks, LaRon and your wife began to buck wildly at a particularly stubborn one.  Needless to say, the man wasn’t exactly giving it his all…with his arms anyway.  Your wife was, though.  Sweaty from the hard work, her juicy ass was perfectly lubed when LaRon whipped his horse cock out.  Your wife was practically twerking on his cock like some LA stripper hard up for cash, working that nasty fuck-pipe until both the weed and LaRon popped.

Her little twerk and jerk wasn’t the only show she was giving.

With her tits swinging back and forth like two watermelons in a twister, LaRon’s friends helped themselves to a quick jerk while she was distracted.  Both of her tits popping out simultaneously as a jet of cum hit her back sealed the deal for her tits as well.  Thick, nasty gobs of cum landed all over them leaving her looking like a freshly iced cake.

Oh, but it gets better.

That pool in the backyard was such a mistake.  Sure, you get to see your wife in a skimpy bikini during the summer, but so does the rest of the neighborhood!  You can only imagine what goes on in that treehouse next door that overlooks your backyard.  At least a dozen young boys crowd in there every day after school and, for some reason, end up wobbling down the ladder like they’ve run a marathon.  In a way, they have.  They beat their meat so hard to your wife that you can actually hear them call out out her name.

“Swallow it all, Mrs. Jenkins!”

You heard this one day as you were walking the dog before watching little Joey climb out of the treehouse barely able to stand let alone walk home.  He probably came five or six times judging by the state of him.

Speaking of the dog…

He’s not so innocent, either.  Ever since you found him fucking her tits while she was passed out while sunbathing, you’ve had to keep an eye on him.  You were too late to stop it that day.  You saw those meaty dog balls flop right on her face as he faced her feet and buried his boner into those fuck-mountains.  She hardly noticed him tea-bagging her slutty, thick lips while he tried to make some puppies with her puppies.  You got to her just in time to see the ropes of jizz squirt out of man’s best friend’s red rocket before he ran off as your wife woke up.

“*yawn* Oh, hi honey!”

Your blonde bimbo wife greets you as she looks down to see what could possibly be running down her chest.  “Oh darn.  I thought I rubbed all of my suntan lotion in.”

You can’t bring yourself to tell her what she’s spreading all over her milk tanks.

“*GRUNTS* Mrs. Jenkins! *GRUNTS*” You hear off in the distance.  What’s a cucked husband like you to do?  Call my phone sex line for a shoulder to cry on about your blonde bimbo wife.