Your Slutty Cuckold Princess Needs Your Tongue!

Your dirty little cuckold princess has a problem. You see, earlier this evening I had a booty call. With my BBC fuck buddy Davon. =) I’ve said many times that he has the biggest dick I’ve EVER seen on any man! But what I haven’t mentioned is the fact that his cum loads are HUGE! He cums, and cums… and cums! It’s like TWO extra big cum loads from a regular-sized cock!

The longer I make him wait to cum, the bigger the load he shoots for me! I spent all evening long toying with that big hard cock. Slicking it up with lube; stroking nice and slow; then more aggressively; finally jerking it for all it’s worth, right to the edge of orgasm! -then stopping just short of letting him blow that load. He gets frustrated with all that teasing, but his big black dick loves EVERY second of it! The more he begs to cum, the longer I make him wait! Knowing all the while that cum is building up in his balls. They’re swollen. Heavy. Thick with creamy cum, just begging to be released!

Finally, after an hour or so, I let him slide that thick black dick inside my tight little fuck hole. Once he got inside, I couldn’t hold him back ANY longer! He fucked me like a mad man, moaning and mumbling incoherently as he concentrated on that tight little twat squeezing his dick! All he could think about was cumming hard. Meanwhile, all I could think about was what I was going to DO with that extra big load of cum once it was inside my pussy! Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed the fuck – immensely!

But the cuckolding slut inside me wanted that big fat load of BBC cum for an entirely different reason! He was about to cum inside me. I could feel it! That big, thick cock gets SO hard just before he shoots his cum! The head swells, I can feel his leg muscles tightening, and suddenly, there it was! Mmmmm, warm, wet, creamy, sticky cum flooding his dirty little white whore’s pussy! That big fat cream pie was already starting to leak out of me as he got up and got dressed. (He knows I’m not into all that dumb cuddling shit afterwards. Cum, then GO. That’s how I roll!)

Now I’m sprawled out in my bed. My panties the ONLY thing keeping that huge, creamy load of spunk inside my pussy! Want to be my good little cuckold bitch? Then come over and lick this HUGE cream pie out of my sweet wet pussy! If you’re a good boy, and get me ALL nice and clean? I might just let you fuck me too!

… NOT! 

(you didn’t REALLY fall for that – did you?)

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