I’m late paying my rent, again. So I know what I have to do. I call my landlord Chuck and ask if he can come and see me at my place so we can talk about the arrangement we have when I’m short on my rent. I make sure I am wearing the lowest cut shirt I own, without a bra, and a tiny mini skirt with no panties.

He arrives at my door, and to my surprise he brings along two guys, one a 6 foot black guy, the other a tall, ripped skinhead covered in tattoos. “These are my debt collectors, they help me collect my dues.” Chuck says as they all push past me and make themselves comfortable in my front room. “I thought we had an agreement with just me and you for the rent?” I say in hushed tones to Chuck. “I make the rules.” He says, putting his hand on the back of my neck and leading me to stand in front of the two strangers now sitting on my couch. “Get your cocks out boys.” he says, “This whore’s rent is way past due!” he then pulls me closer to him and whispers in my ear “Show me how much you need this apartment.”

I immediately drop to my knees and put my lips around the head of the skinhead’s fat dick, trying my best to be sexy without giving away the fact that I am scared as hell. I flick my tongue over the underside of his huge throbbing helmet while working my hand in a screwing motion at the base. “Denzil, get behind that bitch and show her what happens when she doesn’t pay her rent on time.” Chuck says, an evil grin playing on his lips. I feel a cock pressing against my upturned ass, slowly sliding up and down the slit of my pussy, from my asshole to my clit. I think he’s going to stick that huge member in my ass, and I brace for impact. Instead I feel his huge black cock thrust deep into my pussy, taking my breath away, widening my snatch and forcing the skinhead’s chunky wet cock further down into my throat, making me gag. He starts to pound me roughly, grabbing my hips and pulling and pushing me against his rock hard black fuck-stick until all I can do is whimper and gag as my throat is full of cock.

They fuck me, hard. The skinhead has his hand on the back of my head, drilling his cock deeper and deeper into my face, skullfucking me so hard I can hardly catch a breath between gags. All the while the big black guy behind me shows me no mercy, impaling my tight white pussy on his massive black mamba.

I feel like I’m about to split in half and I look up and see Chuck standing over me with his cock in his hand. That same wicked grin on his face, I can see how much he’s enjoying this. “Fill that whore up boys!’ he shouts, jerking his cock over my face while both guys drill me from both ends. I feel the black cock in my pussy tighten and I know I’m about to be filled with cum, and at the same time the cock in my throat begins to twitch and I realize they’re both going to cum at the same time. I try and jam the skinhead’s dick further into my throat and push back harder on the black cock splitting me open. They both paw at me roughly and I feel them both pump me full of hot, sticky jizz in unison.

I think that my dues must have been paid by now, but as the guys pull out of me I realize I have one more task to complete before I have this month’s rent paid. Chuck stands over me with his dick in his hand and commands me to open my mouth. I do and he grabs my face with one hand while whacking the sides of my wet face with his big muscled knob. “Put your tongue out.” he says, and grabs my hair, furiously pumping his cock with his hand until he unleashes a huge, creamy wet load onto my tongue. After he’s done he holds my face and orders me to swallow it. I do, more than willing to let that warm cum dribble to the back of my mouth before swallowing it all.

Chuck stands up, zips up his pants and motions for the guys to leave. “Until next month Geri.’ he says, giving me a wink and turning to the door. “I was thinking about increasing the rent, I’ll let you know this week.” I know exactly what he means and I can only imagine the way I will have to pay the next time my rent is due…


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