love a slippery cum stick especially when it is lubed up in my spit and pussy cum.


I met a hot ass guy at the gym today. We casually got to talking and then, well, we casually got to fucking. We went back to his place and I immediately dropped down to my hands and knees. Putting my fingers in his waistband, I slowly am pulling his cock out. It springs into my face! He is maybe a good eleven inches. My mouth opens and I start to lick and suck every inch of him, making his slippery cum stick hit that back of my throat. There is so no need to come up for air when there is a deliciously good cock being forced down my throat! I let my tongue rub his candy apple head and trace it down all of his bulging veins. This cum gun taste so fucking good! The pre-cum so belongs on my taste buds.


Now that his cock is wet and soaked in my saliva, I need to rub it all over me!


Starting with my face I rub that spit covered cock all over. I even put it right in between my perfect tits. Squeezing my tits around his cock I so start to jerk him while I suck on his cock head. It is so hot to put my chin down to my chest, and spit all over his slippery cum stick. Between his per cum boiling to the tip of his cock and my spit, he is a lubed up mess. He keeps thrusting into my tits and up into my mouth. He is so eagerly humping my boobies and mouth. This cock is so yummy. I need him in every pink tight hole that I have! Lets see where else this hot fuck rod can go! I push him onto the floor and get on top of him. My pussy is so dripping juice all down my thighs!

I so need this cock!


Grabbing this big rod, I push it up against my hungry little pussy lips and rub it back and forth in between my slit.


He looks down to see my pussy dripping down his slippery cum stick. “That for sure belongs in me doesn’t it?” He grabs my hips and tries to force me down on it. I try and resist not to slide down. My pussy is already making it so sticky and glossy wet with my cum. I am a girl that is full of surprises, I try to stay away from making the obvious kinds of choices. So in turn as he tries to force this cock inside of my pussy, I lean back a little and put my pink puckered fuck hole right on the tip of his cock. “What about this hole? Can that eleven inch fuck stick pound this hole open wide?” Before he can answer I start to sit down on this cock, stuffing every inch of him inside of me. 


He is squeezing in me even though it is too tight for his massive meat stick. 


Once this cock is balls deep inside of my ass hole I bounce up and down taking him. This slippery cum stick is going to fuck every hole. I am going to shower in his cum and get load after load out of these big fat balls! Grinding my ass hole back and forth I can feel his sticky load about to squirt out. I’m thinking it needs to be all over my face! I pop off that cock and stick it in my mouth. “I want to be plastered in your cum baby!” He is shooting that hot sticky nut all over my pretty little face. I stick out my tongue trying to capture any bit that I can. Now the only problem is, I want more. More cock and more cum all over me and inside of me.I am so desperate for it. 


Getting this slippery cum stick was like the snowy white Christmas I had this year. Magical. 

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Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke