A snowy white Christmas is a dream cum true this year for me!

I am going to have more snow then there is in Aspen. Do you think that is a place known for skiing? Well, call me a little snow bunny then! I have my fuck buddy coming over and he is bringing all the blow you can possibly imagine. As soon as he gets here and shows me the load, I decided that there are so many things I want to do. We take our generation portions lining up our lines, getting ready to suck it into our brains. This snowy white Christmas is magical. The rush hits hard and so do my knees as I drop down to the floor. This is where every bitch so belongs! In between the legs of a man with a cock. I take his cock our aggressively and look up at him.

I lock eyes with my fuck buddy and pull his dick into my mouth.

Gagging on him and twirling my tongue all over that meat stick is making me dripping.

Why not dip this cock in some blow also! I take his sloppy wet dick out of my mouth and line it with the powder. Now we are talking! A snowy white Christmas is happening right before my eyes. I shove him into my mouth and suck him clean, leaving not even a bit of dust left. He pounds my face harder and faster. His wand is tasting so good. Especially this pre-cum leaking onto my taste buds. He leans down to do another bump as I relentlessly suck him. There is no controlling how wet my pussy is getting! His balls are so engorged. I make sure to pay attention to them and cock the rim of his ass in the blow. My tongue enters him licking up the mess I made. He is bathing in my salvia and blow!

Finally, I take his dick out of my mouth and suck on my fingers to get them wet.

Dipping my fingers into our coke, coating them.  I then stuff all of it into my pink wet pussy hole. We are going to be making a snowy white Christmas! I lay back on the bed for him to indulge. Spreading my legs wide and wrapping them around his head as his tongue plunged into the depths of my wetness. He makes me squirt over and over again. The only thing that would make this Christmas even whiter is if I drained him dry and got every bit of clumpy cum out of his balls. I’m sure he will make it pour heavy snow cum flakes out of his cock. I grab him and shove him inside of my pussy. He pounds me hard and fast, making me take every inch of his twelve inch fuck stick. Twelve inches until Christmas! I cum on his cock.

His cock is saturated in my juice.

After he pulls his dick out, I grab ahold of this cock. I face it right at my forehead. This snowy white Christmas is going to be complete! His cock starts spitting bucket loads of snow all over my face and head. It’s warm as it splatters all over my skin. I leave it on me and nose dive right into our powder again. Round two? I’m ready to be soaked and coated all over again. There is nothing like a good Christmas that involves a blizzard of blow in aspen. The great thing about me is that you can get out of town without even flying all the way to Colorado. Bring your cum and I will bring the blow and the explosion of your cum filled dick. Oh and no wrapping anything. Bare is always better. Merry Christmas and to all a good night!

This snowy white Christmas was the best day I have had all year even though I’m still sore from the lollipop pussy fucking I did last week, I can not help being so kinky and horny. Anything goes, especially when you like to fuck and suck as much as I do.

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