His wife doesn’t know that he’s an undercover sissy.

He has always been into sexy underwear that his mother wore. And when he and his sisters went shopping he admired all of the different kinds and thigh highs, the different material of the panties, the different cut of the panties and more. This undercover sissy even tried on some panties a few times.

In college is where it really became routine.

His girlfriend loved dressing up for him. He got turned on of course but not the way you would think. Every time he saw her in her teddy, corset, fishnet body suit and all the first thing that would come to mind is how that would look on him. How it would feel against his skin and most importantly how it would make him cum

Rubbing all of the different types of sexy material against his body was key.

Getting all dressed up in sexy clothing and lingerie then standing in front of the mirror rubbing and caressing his body. Squeezing and imaging and realizing what he wants most is to be a woman. To have titties and pussy. Most men like to cum from the feeling of cunt and all but what he wants most of all is to be that feeling.

He has to figure out how to get there.

Sneaking his wife’s panties and putting them on when goes to work is the beginning. Then there is this special operator, that’s me, who helps. I hypnotize him and guide him into the beginning fazes of his transformation. The suggestions I’ve planted work but so well and have affected him in the exact way that he wants. He starts to switch his hips and swag his head.

He has started to realize now who his alter self is, the true him.

Every time he is in front of the mirror he realizes who he really is. He sees that he needs to shave and keep his skin smooth, sexy and sweet. Something he had never done before now has become very regular. The care he gives to his body is the care needed for supple skin.

Hypnosis has made him want hormones, so the research will begin.

First, he starts with creams that seem to be the simplest way to start. Low pills dosage will follow soon thereafter. During hypnosis, he has been programmed to accept his curiosity and to transform. He has realized his name and what he wants.

Hypnosis has also made him not stroke his cock anymore. What’s the need when he is to be what he truly wants in life. He rubs his cock just like the clitty that it is until she climaxes.

How long do you think he can keep his secrete from his wife and friends before people start to notice. I don’t give it long because he tells me of them questioning him about his changed behavior. We shall see the accuracies and the transformation continues. This is one of many transformations I’ve done and like the rest, success will be the result.

I love my sissy’s

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