Forced sissy training is always an option!

   When I first met David he looked like a well-adjusted man, but my forced sissy training has him looking like a ripe little slut now, and soon I might just do the same to you! Some sissy phone sex will show us exactly where you stand!

   See, only my most vile and pathetic submissives get selected for my forced sissy training program. Only the ones who disgust and thrill me as they perform task after task in the desperate pursuit for my favor.

   I don’t know if it’s the hilarity of their willing debasement or their salacious neediness that draws me in and compels me to transform them, but transform them, I must. Some I transform into escorts for my friends, some I transform into little gimps worthy of nothing more than a cage in my basement, but my favorite transformation is always going to be turning them into slutty bimbos.

   Watching as they become addicted to cum and sucking cock, as they forget how to present themselves as rational respectable adults, god it gets me wet. To reduce a man to a brainless twat using nothing more than my will and a few toys fills me with an appreciation for my own powers.

   The beginning is the sweetest part!

   When my submissive realizes what’s in store and struggles, it’s already too late. Bondage is always part of my games, so your struggling certainly isn’t going to help. Each of you comes to that realization eventually. I find that a brutal first night of training sets the stage for a better-behaved slut, so I usually start with a little forced pegging. Looking into my slave’s eyes as I thrust deep into his unprepared hole lights a fire in me.

My pussy drips at the intrusion, yet I’m too busy owning my sissy to take care of it. The closest I come is to grind the strapon right into my clit as I fuck that tight little ass! Getting to hear your grunts as I pound you might just make me cum! Or it might make me fuck you harder…

Once I’ve had my fun and you’ve had some time to cry, I drag you out of your restraints. You’re all the same, so weak and pathetic after one little fuck. Don’t worry, one day soon you’ll complete your forced sissy training and be able to take cock after cock before passing out in a puddle of cum. In the beginning, though, it’s all about breaking the sub.

Let the transformation begin!

Within a few weeks of being forced to take every throbbing dick I provide for you, it’ll be time to start really mind-fucking you. Hypnosis sessions, hallucinogenics, sleep deprivation, and sensory deprivation are all delicious ways to warp your reality until you’re begging me to let you suck and fuck to make it stop! The forced sissy training really gets fun at this point. You new ladies always get so panicky at the thought of displeasing me after this phase! You’re fucking putty in my hand for me to reform into anything I want, and what I want is a slut. I guess that makes me a God, or rather, Goddess.

Your own personal Goddess here to make you into the best slut you can possibly be! Once I’m done with you there will only be my creation left, just ask David.

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