In order to become the sissy slut of your dreams, you may need a bit of a push in the right direction by putting together a sissy training kit for yourself. In fact, I would recommend if you’re serious about sissification training with me, I will encourage you to “prepare” yourself before your second training session begins.

Do You Have What It Takes?

New sissies head my way all the time wanting to learn more about sissification. I love to indulge them! It’s so much fun teaching them about how to crave cock and how to think like a proper sissy slut. Hypnosis helps with that part of sissification. Indulging in weekly sessions of relaxing hypnosis is a great way to boost your cravings for cock. Weekly hypno sessions are a commitment to being the best sissy you can be. It can be hard, if not impossible, to step back from those sessions without feeling like something is seriously missing from your identity.

Sissy Training Kit

It’s pretty easy to locate a pre-made “sissy training kit” if you search for them. I would recommend sticking to this particular list for our sessions, however. It is not absolutely crucial that you have a sissy training kit before or while you’re doing hypnosis. If you’re more into bimbofication or sissification, I would recommend looking into a sissy training kit, however. Please remember, you don’t need every single one of these items. You can mix and match a bit from each category to become the image of a perfect sissy for yourself!

Things you may want to include in your Sissy Training Kit include:

  • Accessories

    • Wigs – Do you want to be a brunette or a blonde? How about a pastel pink wig?
    • Earrings – No need to pierce since clip-ons are an easy choice to make.
    • Necklace – Pearls are classics but maybe you’d like a simple pendant instead.
    • Feather Boa – These are fun and super slutty to dance with!
    • Fancy Hat – Are you a hat girl?
  • Cosmetic

    • Lipstick – Did you know dick-shaped lipstick is a thing? Look it up! I was surprised too!
    • Eyeshadow Palette – You know what they say about a smokey eye, right? It looks like you’ve been crying because you’ve been sucking dick. So look for something that says it’s a “smokey” palette.
    • Lip Gloss – Lip gloss is more forgiving than lipstick because it’s harder to see a sharp edge, but it is terribly sticky and if you have long hair, your hair WILL get stuck in it and smear across your face. Every girl has experienced it. It’s horrible. But we still do it anyway. Beauty is pain, right girls?
    • Eyeliner – Liquid eyeliner can give you fierce wings and longer staying power, but requires a hell of a lot of practice. Using a smooth eye pencil is easier, but it’s bound to smudge, so try both and see how you feel! Colors are slutty and black is usually classy.
    • Mascara – Pump up the lashes with that mascara. Waterproof mascara says what it’ll do. Non-waterproof will definitely run if you have a cock buried down your throat and you’re gagging on it. As a result, you’ll have guys going crazy over it. Let that mascara run to show what a good little sissy slut you are! Nothing like running mascara that says, “Please give me your cum!”
    • Brush set – Please for the love of Pete, get yourself a makeup brush set. Don’t use your fingers to put your makeup on. Those fingers should be used to spread open your sissy pussy and finger yourself while you wait on your knees to be plowed into by some massive cock.

      Fingers are for sissy pussy only. Use your makeup brushes for makeup!

  • Lingerie

    • Fishnet or Nylon Stockings – These stockings go only up to your thighs and attach to the garter belt. Additionally, they’re very feminine and very sexy.
    • G-String – This is a tiny, slutty, panty for absolute whores.
    • Garter Belt – A garter belt may seem “old school” but it is so worth the effort if you’re going to wear thigh high stockings. To no one’s surprise, it helps keep those stockings from sagging while you’re getting positioned by an Alpha Male and fucked from behind or when you drop to your knees to take his cum all over that pretty face of yours!
    • Frilly Pink Panties and Lace Panties – These are girly panties. So you should be able to tuck yourself inside these and feel like the pretty princess you are.
    • Pantyhose – Pantyhose are the full version of nylons that go all the way up to your waist and don’t need a garter belt. In other words, these can be worn with or without panties underneath.
  • Toys

    • Butt Plug – Get these in Silicone as they’re easiest to clean.
    • Chastity Cage – Cages are for more advanced sissies.
    • Dildos – Lots of shapes and sizes. Give any and all a try!

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