Sissy Surprise

I used to work at a lingerie store for a while, and some of the characters that would come in there were odd.  Not just ladies, but husbands and boyfriends looking for gifts, also some cross dressers and sissies that would shop for themselves. Some were nice and fun to help pick things out for. One I met there I am friends with to this day. He’d asked me for coffee one night as the shop was closing and he had always been friendly.  I didn’t see the harm. He’d gotten himself a pretty corset I’d helped him pick out.He was a sissy

I got to know him better and we became good friends, went to the movies, dinner.  He’d tell me some of his secret sissy fantasies. I enjoyed hearing about them, and sometimes he’d come back to my place after we’d been out shopping or something. I taught him about makeup and hair and he let me experiment on him and so him up and look nice. One fantasy he’d always had a real attraction for was BBC. Big, black cock and he really was quite obsessed with it.  I wondered how I could make his fantasy come true to experience it.

I Wanted To Find Some BBC For My Sissy

I’d been going to this gym for a while and had gotten to know some of the staff and trainers. One of them was a big black guy named Jerome. I knew it was a long shot. But I told him about my friend and how he had this BBC fantasy.And  that he was a real sissy, and that this would blow his mind . And was there any chance he might be interested? He looked at me and laughed and said he’d think about it.  I wasn’t sure what to think, but the next time I was at the gym, he came over. and  he said he’d be willing to make my friend’s sissy dream come true.

sissy boy for Gisele

I arranged a nice dinner for the three of us, I of course didn’t tell my friend what I had planned. I hoped the surprise would be a welcome one. He was at my place around fifteen minutes before Jerome arrived. My sissy friend turned beet red and asked what he was doing here and I said he was his surprise. I’d arranged for them to get together. He started to giggle like a girl and blush. It was so cute! I’m glad he didn’t bolt at the mention of it.

BBC Surprise For My Sissy

They were soon on their way to the bedroom, with me right behind, they wanted me to be there, for moral support, or I’m just not sure, but my sissy friend was soon in nothing but his lingerie he’d had on under his clothes, on his back, legs pulled back and with a huge, throbbing, ten inch black cock up his man pussy and squealing like a girl in delight as he got fucked. He loved the black dick stretching him out and the black guy’s balls slapping against him and he soon took that load of cum up the ass. I think it had worked out well and I watched him take a pounding where only his toys had been before. Sometimes you just have to take the leap and surprise someone and hope for the best.

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