Everyone knows that sissy sex stories about big black cock are some of the hottest stories that you will ever hear.   Well, this one is no exception.  I can not wait to share the naughty story about the little sissy boy I have been training and how she has transformed into one of the sexiest bitches in these streets.  This naughty tale is all about her training paying off and her taking her first BBC home from the club.


First of all, let me tell you about my sexy sissy slut, Tonya.  When we first met, I knew that she would be my best bottom bitch.  Her need and desire to have her man pussy filled was evident.  I loved dressing her up, she was like a blank canvas and whatever I put her in she made it work.  We trained her cunt to take a cock as a real woman should, using toys and strap-ons.  However, there came a time when there was a craving for a real cock.   We had been playing dress up and now it was time to go live.

We were out of town and there was no more perfect time to test out the sissy training we had been doing for months.  So we shopping, something that my little sissy boy loves more than anything. You know we had to pick out a hot outfit. Got our hair and nails done.   We made a real girls day out of it and boy did we have a great time.

Time to get ready

I bathed my sexy Tonya in Lavender and Vanilla bath oil, leaving her skin soft and supple.  Slipping on her red bra and panties, I made her turn around so I can see her ass and it looked good in that sexy red thong.   Her black and reg garter held up her black silk stocking and accented the lingerie set so well.  She was looking sexier and sexier with every little detail we added.   She wore a thin button up blouse, a black micro mini that hugged her ass, and red stilettos.  Finally putting the finishing touches on with wig and make-up,  she was like a work of art.  She was just beautiful and ready to make her own sissy sex stories.

At the club!

We found one of the hottest LGBTQ Club in town.   When we got there all eyes were on us, the sexy Ebony Queen and her Ivory Princess.   Tonya was a little nervous of course, but after several boys treated us to drinks she began to loosen up.  That liquid courage had her ready to shake a tail feather on the dance floor.   I watched Tonya as we both dance with this sexy chocolate man name Mick.  We sandwiched him between the two of us during a Deangelo song and made his dick hard.  We both knew then and there this was our guy for tonight.  So we went back to his hotel.

Sissy sex stories fulfilled!

Once at the hotel, my girl was on fleek!  She was so terribly sexy and ready to make her own sissy sex stories.  Mick stood in front of her and she unzipped his pants to pull out his big black cock.  Her eye glistened like a kid in a candy store as she slid her red painted lips down on the head and began to suck it.  I sat back on the couch like a proud momma watching my little sissy slut deep throat that thick dick.   Slurping and sucking until precum strands went from her tongue to his cock. Trying me to cuck quick he pulled his cock from her throat and laid Tonya on the bed.   Her skirt was pulled above,  her waist her man clitty hard and poking out of her red thongs.   Mick slid her thong over and began to tongue fuck her little man pussy so good even I had to slide a finger in my pussy.

After licking and tongue fucking Tonya’s tight man pussy, he was ready to stuff her with that big black cock.  He slowly slid his fat head into her and waited for her to relax before slowly giving her more and more dick with each pump.   I watched my sissy boy bestie in real ecstasy.  It was beautiful.

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