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I love when a man is feeling slutty and wants to be sissified. They go from he to she and they make the best sex dolls which every girl should have one. I just recently found mine. She is perfect! I dress her up, do her makeup but most importantly I make her fuck herself. Hard and deep while I tell her all the naughty things I know she would rather be doing. They all include a hard cock, a real cock! That is the ultimate sissy sex doll fantasy.

How does it start you might ask? Once she’s all dolled up, looking sexy just for me. I ordered her to bend over and turn on that fucking machine and as it starts to fill up her sissy pussy I start telling her how a real cock feels. How it great it would be to have a real one. Because real cock slides in much easier and when it has precum, there’s no need for that lube. Feeling those big hands grip your hips and make you take it in one thrust is ecstasy. Just like that my sissy goes nuts and we speed up that machine.

That’s how I get my sissy off. While I tell her all about how a man would fuck her sissy pussy. Sometimes we even have fantasies were I would arrange a man to ambush while she’s dressed in her regular man attire and then pull her into an alley. I would laugh as he would get forced on his knees and turned into a slut in front of my very own eyes. That’s when she cums the hardest. Of course, we don’t waste that cum because I make my sissy eat that load. Then, we go back to the fun of feeling a dildo inside that sissy pussy.

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