Papi wants me to turn him into a sissy bitch.

You might be asking yourself how can a sweet thing like me turn him into a strap on loving sissy bitch, aren’t you? It was so easy, I didn’t even have to chip my pretty pink nail polish. A few weeks ago my school got out early and I ended up coming home with no notice. As I walked in there was loud music coming from my parents’ bedroom and I went to check up on them. The door was slightly open and instead of walking in, I peeked in and there was Papi in bed. He had on mommy’s pink lingerie and was attempting to ride her pink dildo. That is when I knew.

This past weekend he and I were home alone and I thought it was the perfect chance to turn him into a full-on sissy bitch. He left home to get some dinner and when he came back I had the surprise of his life. I changed into my prettiest summer dress, put on some white stockings and strapped on my plastic cock. I waiting for him by the door and when he walked in his jaw dropped.

“Take off your clothes and get on all fours.”

He did just as I said, and just to add to the excitement I put a collar on him and walked him upstairs by a leash. My big strap-on cock was bulging out of my little dress and he was ready to see it. He begged for me to pull my dress up and after a while I obliged. He could only see it, it was time for him to be sissified. I had picked out the cutest trashiest pink lingerie I could find. After my sissy bitch was all dressed up and I had done his slutty makeup I made him gag on my cock. Instead of harsh insults, I used my sweetness to my advantage. I told him exactly how I want it everything to be done, and he better do them if he wants it his adorable princess to fuck him in the ass.

Once his pretty whore makeup was all runny, I fucked his ass hard and deep. His pathetic cock leaked till I let him cum hard. Maybe next time I can let him fuck a real cock.

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