I just love my sissy cuckold Ken and all the sissy phone sex time we spend together.  I call him Ken because of this anatomy. No, he was not always sissy cuckold. However, over time we have both agreed that with that tiny little shrimp dick he has, it was the only way to go.  Sure he had illusions of being my big stud, but the only thing big on him is his wallet.  So I decided to keep him for SPH (small penis humiliation) and to be my devoted sissy cuckold.

He’s been such a good sissy cuckold.

Because Ken has been such a good cuckold we are going shopping.  That’s right my little cuckold deserves a sweet treat every once in a while.   So excited, he happily jumps in the car and beaming that honeyed smile as we head to his favorite store in the mall, Victoria Secrets.   While in the store I made sure to let our salesclerk know that we are shopping for my Ken doll today.   I enjoyed watching Ken blush as I put up panties to his waist in front of his tiny cock.  Everyone in the store knew we were shopping for him.  The clerk asked, “Are you sure these will fit him properly?”  I just laughed and said, “Mam, I have eaten raisins bigger than what this one here has between his legs!”  We both laugh and continue to humiliate him while I pick out what I want him in

We leave the mall head back to my place.   I can’t wait to see you in those sexy panties. I send you to shower and get changed for your next surprise. Something that you love more than breathing is in store for my sweet little Ken doll tonight. Ken comes out of the room to model the sexy panties we purchased today and is shocked by the sight of the BBC (big black cock) I have sitting on the couch waiting to entertain us tonight.    I want to share more of Ken’s naughty sissy phone sex story or maybe we need to create our own cuckold phone sex memories.

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