I’m Ready for Sissy Boy Training

I know you have a deep dark secret. I know you desperately want to tell someone all about your kinky fantasy. Luckily, I’m here for you to confess all your naughty thoughts and most guarded desires. You secretly want to get fucked in the ass, don’t you? Of course, you pretend that you are straight as an arrow. But, I know that you have a kink that has yet to be satisfied. You crave a big huge cock, am I right? You want to hold it, lick it, taste it, and most of all feel it up inside of your ass. Well, you’re in luck babe, because I’m ready for some sissy boy training. My specialty is preparing virgin assholes for the real deal. Let’s get started!

Let’s Train That Asshole, Baby! 

First, get completely naked. Because I want to get a good hard look at every inch of your body. Oooh, you’ve got a nice thick cock! And you’re lucky you have a big plump ass, cocks tend to like that a lot. Now lay down on the bed and relax for the first step of our sissy boy training. I’m going to squirt some lube on your asshole and massage it. That’s right, don’t clench up baby, just enjoy it. Now, I’m going to press a finger inside and gently finger fuck you. Wow, you’re already moaning! You’re going to love the last step quite a bit.

I think you’re ready for the next step. I’m putting two fingers inside you now. You gasp and clench a tiny bit, of course. But, I see that your cock is stiff and throbbing. You’re loving this, aren’t you? Well, now it’s time for your homework. I’m going to insert a small buttplug inside you and you’re going to have to keep it in all day. You actually cum when I put it inside you, that’s a good sign. Now come back tomorrow for more sissy boy training. 

The Real Thing

The next day you’re back for more. So, I immediately whip out my silicone strap-on and have you get down on all fours. I lube you up and then slowly insert the medium-sized cock inside you. You’re moaning like a little bitch in heat and I love it. I open those cheeks wide and plow roughly into that ass. You jerk your cock and cum quickly. Our sissy boy training is progressing so well that I think you’re ready for the real deal. I tell you to come back later tonight. 

When you arrive, my friend is here waiting for you. He’s big and tall, rippling with muscles, and best of all, he has a thick 10-inch cock. He loves fucking assholes and he can’t wait to take your anal virginity. Your fantasy is about to come true!

Both you and my big cocked friend strip naked and you practically drool staring at his stiff cock. Without me having to tell you, you drop to your knees and start sucking his cock. My sissy boy training has really paid off! You are worshipping his cock and sucking it so well that he’s quickly ready to fuck you. I lube up your ass and that 10-inch cock is slowly pushing into your little asshole. You scream out in pain and unbelievable pleasure. Nothing is better than the real thing! As he works on your asshole, the whole thing is so hot I suck your cock until you both release massive loads. My sissy boy training was a success and now you have a new fuck buddy. 


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