I Love a Big Plump Ass!

You know those crazy wild nights out that just become legendary? Well, this was one of those nights. My group of friends all went out to a strip club for my friend’s birthday. We started out with lots of drinks and watched the titties bounce. But, we all really liked one of the strippers with a tiny waist and a big plump ass. She seemed to like our group too, probably because we were throwing dollar bills at her the entire time. She gave an amazing twerking performance and basically made that booty clap. We were all in love with her big plump ass! 

When the club closed, we did not want the party to stop. So, we invited our favorite stripper and a few others to come back to my place to party with us. They agreed and said they would bring the coke! 

Let’s Get Wild

I don’t usually do hardcore drugs but I’m also not one to pass up a wild night. So, I decided to just see where the night would take me. When we got back to my place, the drinking started up again. The birthday girl and one of our guy friends already went into the bathroom to fuck. The strip club has a way of making you horny as hell. I was feeling it too but I wanted to wait for the strippers to get there. I couldn’t wait to see that big plump ass up close. 

Right when the strippers got there, our favorite girl brought out a baggie of the white stuff. Someone brought out a mirror and a rolled-up dollar bill. Without hesitation, everyone took turns snorting a line of coke. The energy level and the music volume reached a whole new level. Suddenly, the birthday girl had her arms around two of the strippers and was taking turns making out with each of them. I watched for a bit and got super horny all over again. 

Between Her Ass Cheeks

So, I asked our favorite stripper to twerk for us again. She agreed but said this time she’d get totally naked. We all cheered her on as she stripped then flaunted her ass for us. That’s when I had a great idea. I loudly announced that I wanted to snort my next line of coke off her big plump ass. Everyone agreed that it was an excellent idea. The stripper laid flat on her tummy and waited for me. Someone put a line on her plump cheek and I snorted my second line off her. I licked the residue off her cheek then my horniness took over. 

I spread her big plump ass cheeks open and started eating her asshole. Everyone loved that, especially her. She moaned as my tongue teased her tight hole. I pressed my thumb inside her asshole and she screamed in pleasure. Then I stuck two fingers in her warm cherry pie, double penetrating her with my fingers. I ran my tongue from her ass to her twat and that’s what sent her over the edge. I got to have my face right between her big ass cheeks while she convulsed into an orgasm. It was such an amazing high!


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