Mmm, Warm Cherry Pie

When I was a teen, I was so horny, like all the time! It was so freeing to let myself be a total slut. My new favorite thing was seducing older married men. They were so damn easy! All I had to do was give them some “come fuck me” eyes and they were under my spell and craving my warm cherry pie. After all, they were so bored of their dull wives. I know they dreamed of a naughty fling with a young little thing like me. I knew they all wanted it, so it just made the seduction so much easier. 

One of my first seductions was my dad’s super hot friend, Rob. He hosted a summer BBQ with his wife and invited my whole family. His wife put out an all-american meal. And for dessert, Rob told us it was a warm cherry pie. He said he was going to take it out of the oven and bring it out. I snuck away and followed him inside. We were all alone in the kitchen when I locked eyes with him. I lifted my skirt and showed him my white lacy panties. “Do you want a piece of my warm cherry pie?” I asked him. 


He froze as he stared hard at my sweet little pussy covered in lace. So, I approached him and wrapped my arms around his neck, and repeated my naughty question. He just stuttered nervously so I grabbed his hand and put it down my panties. His fingers slipped inside my warm cherry pie and he moaned with pleasure. He told me he’d love to fuck me and told me to stay right there. Rob rushed out to serve dessert and when the coast was clear he came back in for his real dessert. 

He grabbed my hand and led me to a bathroom. The window faced the backyard where everyone was gathered. We could hear their voices chatting and laughing. Meanwhile, he locked the door and got on his knees. I loved that he was about to risk fucking a teen slut with his family just feet away, it was so hot! He pulled down my lacy white panties and licked my warm cherry pie. He kept saying, “Mmm” as he enjoyed his dessert. When he fingered my tight pussy and I came hard. 

Cream Pie

But, suddenly, he wanted to fuck me. We had to be quick after all or people would get suspicious. He whipped out a big stiff dick, sat me on the sink, held up legs open, and fucked me hard. I moaned loudly because I kind of wanted to get caught. I thought it’d be so hot if his wife walked in and saw his cock in my teen pussy. He kissed me to keep me quiet then pushed my legs up higher. He wanted to get deep inside that warm cherry pie!

I told him to cum inside me and that made him thrust harder. Rob shuddered and unloaded right inside my teen twat. Now I had a messy cream pie to take home with me. Yum!

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