I’m a Hot Young Bitch on the Prowl

I’m seeking an old rich stud to take care of me and spoil me rotten. I love hooking up with the older Daddy types, especially if he has money to burn. Is that you? Do you want to be my Daddy tonight? You can pick up the tab and let me borrow your credit card. In return, I will be the bratty hot slut on your arm keeping you warm at night. But, just be warned, a hot young bitch like me needs to be in control.

When I tell you to jump, you’re going to ask how high. Yes, I’ll make your life difficult and have plenty of demands for you but I know that’s what gets you off. Admit it, you love having a slutty bitch tell you what to do. So, what do you say? Do you want to satisfy the needs of a hot young bitch like me?

Spoil Me, Daddy!

Sometimes you may think it’s your turn to be in charge but that’s where you’re wrong. I’m the kind of girl who loves sissy boy training, I’m not the kind of bitch to be messed with. I’m a hot young bitch. As soon as you try to assert dominance over me, that’s when it’s over for you. Just come to terms with the fact that you love when I’m a total bitch to you. It turns you on, I know it! But, I get so sweet right after you buy me expensive clothes, shoes, and handbags. You think it’s worth it just to see me light up and give you a big kiss to thank you. It turns you on to spoil a hot young bitch. Because you know that once in a great while it all really pays off, doesn’t it?

Fuck Me, Daddy!

It doesn’t happen often but when I’m in the mood, you get to have free access to my young hot body. It can be days or weeks of buying me material items with no sex. But then one day I’m a horny hot young bitch and ready to fuck and you get to enjoy my entire body with no limits. And that makes it all worth it! 

You love that I’m a freak in the sheets. For once you feel like you have some sort of control because you get to stick your stiff cock inside me and fuck me hard. But, that’s all an illusion because I’m the one giving it to you. I’m the one allowing you to touch me, enter me, fuck me. But, you don’t care because you finally get to slip inside this tight pussy and even tighter asshole. You get to ride me bareback and cum inside me all you want. And sometimes you get to face fuck me and cum all over my body. Any resentment you feel for spending loads of money on me suddenly drifts away when you blow your load on me. And that’s how I keep you around!


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