A night of pure sissy ass play fun.

Sissy ass play with all kinds of toys to make my boy-toy’s night! My little submissive pet is no stranger to playing with lingerie. He’s a little sissy, and there’s no denying that. And he’s undoubtedly a panty boy to match, too! He loves every cute little lingerie set that we go shopping for. In fact, going shopping is one of his favorite past-times to live up to his femboy energy. Little “Noelle” certainly loves putting on a show for everyone who’ll watch. So, I take her shopping often, and we always go to busy stores like Victoria’s Secret. That way, everyone can see her get dolled up, and they can see what kind of lingerie she likes to try on. After all, is said and done, though, it’s time to put it to good use.

Once Noelle comes home after her shopping trips, the games are on. A night of sissy ass play is not complete without the right kind of lingerie. So, the last time we got home, she quickly put on her brand new set of panties. She donned a little white lace thong with the matching garters and thigh highs. And up top, she wore a sparkling white-lace push-up bra. It squeezed her tits together perfectly well, giving her the right amount of cleavage. With her tits squished together and her perky ass on display, it was time for the fun part! Noelle came to get fucked.

So it was time for the toys.

Once the box of surprises came out, all bets were off. Noelle sat on the bed, impatient and waiting for what I’d pick out for her. First things first, I used a sparkling crystal butt plug on her. She tugged her thong to the side so I could slip the butt plug into her ass and leave the heart-shaped crystal base peeking out. With her ass up in the air, she was completely photoshoot worthy. I started clicking picture after picture to share with her fuckbuddies later. All those horny men would love to come over and get to break that little ass in. But for now, all that sissy ass play was for me. Her little ass was up in the air just for me.

So, I spanked it. Then, I spanked it harder. She squirmed and whined, still begging for more. Noelle is a little masochist on top of it all; she loves being put in her place, either by my hands or big fat dick. That’s why I couldn’t help myself; the strap-on was next. All that sissy ass play had left her horny as hell. She needed to fuck something; she’d have bounced on my strap-on if I let her. But I was in charge, so I wanted to be on top, and she obliged. She bent over the bed with her pretty ass in the air and her thigh highs gripping her thighs for dear life. That’s when she felt it, the thick, vibrating head of my strap-on.

It slipped in easily.

With all that lube ready to go, I pushed the thick head of my toy into her. She moaned and whined as it steadily pushed in deeper. It was like all of her favorite fetish phone sex nights in one. From the lingerie shopping trip to the rough, deep, ass-training punishments, Noelle fell in love with it. And I rammed her harder for it, stretching her ass. Sissy ass play always turned her on so much, and there I was, giving her a night full of it. The harder I fucked her with my strap-on, the louder she moaned. There was no doubt about it, the neighbors heard.

And maybe, they’d have joined in, too. My neighbors are rather naughty, and they’ve gotten to fuck Noelle in the past. After all, we love to share during our sissy ass play. Why would I keep her all to myself when I could pimp her out as well? A good ass bitch loves when I share her. So, of course, does my little bitch. As I fucked her harder and harder, my phone started beeping and buzzing. And when I checked it, what do you think I read? My neighbors and their big black cock fuckbuddies had heard all our ruckus… and of course, they wanted their piece of Noelle’s tight sissy ass play.

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