Sissification Play – The Ultimate Fun For Us Twisted Ladies

I’m spreading your sissy ass open, exposing your pretty little pink puckered pussy to my huge dildo cock, as I begin to push it in. During sissification play, you feel the wetness from your mouth on the tip of my cock as it touches your hole. You feel me slowly entering and going deeper, exploring your tight, tender, virgin hole. I can tell that the sensation of having your pussy filled is incredible for you, as I hear you moan and look over at the mirror on the other side of the room, to watch yourself being fucked by me on Phone Sex Kingdom.

The other end of the strapon is in my pussy, hitting just the right spot as you push your ass back into each thrust that I give you. While still fucking you, I lean forward for a moment, draping myself over your back and pulling your hair slightly behind your ear, whispering into your ear and making you tell me that I own your hot little hole. The more you say it, the harder I fuck you. I start smacking your ass and making you say it louder. I love hearing it As you begin panting faster and breathing harder, while I look down at my hard cock pumping in and out of your sweet boy pussy.

Boy Pussy Is So Much Fun To Play With

I then begin grinding up against you during fetish phone sex. I’m pressing up and down in order to cause the end of the dildo inside my pussy to hit my G-spot. The other end that’s in your ass is nudging and rubbing repeatedly against your prostate gland. A perfected technique. It is guaranteed to make both of us cum like crazy.

As I start cumming on my end of the dildo, I feel your body begin shuddering during sissification play. So I tighten my grip on your hips, drill the strap-on deep and hold it there. You then squeeze your eyes shut, and let out a feminine squeal. I make you cream in your little panties. It feels good to have just fucked the pussy that I made, the pussy that I own, and now you are my perfect little Sissy sex doll.

I look forward to talking to all of you very soon. There are nights when all I want to do is tease and play with a sweet sissy.  Until she’s crying and begging for just a bit more. Some nights, the urge to break a panty wearing sissy into teeny tiny bits just because I can is nearly overwhelming.

Can I Get A Big Warm Welcome For My New Sissy Slut Cumdumpster

I try, really I do not make them humiliated and emasculated. I try to remember that they are real people, too. That they have issues and needs. That as a well-adjusted member of society it just simply won’t ~do~ to act on my darker urges. As most of the submissive sissys that call me are dominate men in the work world. I try and I try to remind myself that pushing sweet sissies past their limits and boundaries isn’t socially acceptable… But times have now changed, we now live in a different world where so many things are now acceptable, including being a sissy, cocksucker.

No matter how much fun it may be having sissification play. Most of you don’t dare go out in public. It’s time to make some changes. I mean real changes in your life.

it is fun, too. Lots of fun.

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